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How many years are golden, silver, diamond and bronze marriages

Golden marriage generally refers to 50 years of marriage, silver marriage refers to 25 years of marriage, bronze marriage refers to 7 years and diamond marriage refers to 60 years. However, there are differences in different regions. Some countries regard 40 years of marriage as silver marriage and 75 or 80 years of marriage as diamond marriage. Golden Marriage, silver marriage, diamond marriage, bronze marriage how many years are they? Golden Marriage refers to the 50th anniversary of marriage in various countries, symbolizing the meaning of love as strong as gold and lasting love. Silver marriage refers to the 40th anniversary of marriage in Russia and the 25th anniversary of marriage in China, Japan, Britain, France and other places.

Each anniversary after marriage has different names, representing different symbolic meanings, such as paper marriage, cloth marriage, silk marriage, wood marriage, iron marriage, copper marriage, electrical marriage, pottery marriage, tin marriage, steel marriage, hemp marriage, lace marriage, ivory marriage, porcelain marriage, etc. (JinHunYinHunZuanDanHunTongHunGeShiDuoShaoNian)