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Can frozen shrimp be eaten after 8 months

Depending on the situation, as long as the shrimp head does not turn black, it is edible, but the taste is not so fresh. Because shrimp is stored for a shorter time than other meat, it is best to eat frozen shrimp as soon as possible to avoid deterioration of shrimp meat and affect health. Precautions for frozen shrimp freezing does not ensure that shrimp will not deteriorate completely. Generally speaking, seafood can be stabilized at minus 18 ℃, which can reduce the loss of nutrition.

During transportation, if the temperature rises, the nutrition in frozen seafood will be lost, resulting in peculiar smell, and shrimp meat is easy to deteriorate.

Shrimp meat frozen for a long time can stop the activities of spoilage microorganisms, but the taste of seafood will be affected and the flavor will become worse. (DongHaFangLe8GeYueHaiNengChiMa)