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What if the yeast noodles have been made

If the dough has been made, we can knead some new dough, and then mix it with the dough and ferment it again. When we ferment the dough, we can take it out for exhaust and wake up again after seeing that it becomes larger and there are bubbles and honeycomb tissue inside.

If you don't control the time to make dough with yeast and cause the dough to ferment too much, you can prepare a little new dough and mix them together, and then ferment again.

Usually, when the dough is fermented for the first time, we can take it out and rub it for exhaust, and finally wake it up for the second time.

The prepared dough can be used to make steamed buns or steamed buns. We should pay attention when steaming steamed buns and steamed buns. It is best to boil the water in the pot until it is warm, and then add steamed buns and steamed buns. After they are steamed, we should also turn off the fire and stew it for a while before opening the cover.