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Why doesn't the bread be brushed

The most common reason why bread is not brushed is that the flour used is wrong. Generally speaking, the flour most suitable for bread is high gluten flour. Only those with protein content greater than 13.5% meet the conditions, and other flour will not be brushed naturally. In addition, it may be that the fermentation is not successful, which will also cause the bread not to be brushed.

Bread is a very healthy diet and very convenient. It can be used as breakfast and can also be enjoyed during afternoon tea, and different bread tastes are different. Therefore, many people like to make bread at home, but when they first make it, they will inevitably encounter the situation of wire drawing.

One of the most important reasons why bread is not brushed is that the flour used is wrong. Generally, the first choice should be high gluten flour. Only when the protein content is greater than 13.5% can it meet the conditions. If it is medium gluten flour and low gluten flour, it will not be brushed.

Another is fermentation. In order to make delicious bread, flour fermentation is very important. When mixing flour, water and flour should be in a certain proportion, not too much or too little. Otherwise, flour fermentation will not succeed and will not be brushed when making.