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Can raw chicken wings be fried directly

Raw chicken wings can't be fried directly. Although it doesn't need blanching water, it's best to marinate them with scallion, ginger, cooking wine, salt and fried chicken powder for 2 ~ 3 hours before frying. Only in this way can the fried taste be better.

When making a lot of meat, we will first boil it with boiling water to remove the blood or bacteria, and then fry or fry it. In fact, chicken wings are the same, but they don't need to be boiled, but they need to be pickled before frying.

If you squeeze chicken wings raw, you don't need to blanch, otherwise the fried chicken wings will not be crisp enough and affect the taste. And pickling is very necessary. Cut the scallions and ginger, then pour them into the chicken wings together with cooking wine, salt and fried chicken powder, and marinate them for 2 ~ 3 hours, so that the fried chicken wings will be more delicious.

When frying, you also need to wrap a layer of flour on the outside, and then soak it in the water. After the water is dry, it is covered with flour again, and then rub it with your hands until there are beautiful scales on it. In this way, the skin will be more brittle after frying in the pot.