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What do you mean by a double break

Single and double study is a kind of work system, which specifically refers to the arrangement of weekly rest time, and it is an alternative system of single and double rest. Single rest refers to working six days a week and taking one day off, and double rest refers to working five days a week and taking two days off.

'single and double training 'is a working system, in which single rest refers to seven days a week, six days of work and one day of rest. The weekend is seven days a week. There are five days to work and the rest two days to rest.

Therefore, 'single and double rest' specifically refers to a system in which the rest time is single rest and double rest. That is to say, if the first week of a month is single rest, the second week is double rest, and then the third week continues to be single rest according to such rules.

Under the working system of single and double repair, staff can have six days off in a month. The two-day work system can rest for eight days in the next month, while the single day work system can only rest for four days in the next month.