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Colleagues say how to reply after hard work

When colleagues say it's hard, you can use a modest tone to say 'it's not hard, it's all right', or you can also comfort your colleagues. Similarly, you've worked hard, narrow the relationship between colleagues and show your friendliness. In addition to the topic of hard work, you can also share a lot of things you have learned in the process of hard work. Colleagues say it's hard, how should we say? First, if colleagues say it's hard to themselves at work, we can reply to colleagues in a modest tone, 'it's not hard, it should be done', and thank him for his concern.

2、 In addition to expressing your emotions, you can also care about your colleagues with the same words. Therefore, you can also reply to them 'you have worked hard', not only reply to other people's questions, but also show your friendliness, narrow the relationship with colleagues, and make colleagues think you are a better person to get along with.

3、 In addition to simply answering the question whether Xin is hard, you can also express your gratitude to your colleagues for learning a lot in this process, and feel that even if it is hard, it is worth it.