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What is the material of the wine pot

Copper, iron, tin and ceramics are better for wine ironing pots. They have good stability and will not react with wine even under high temperature heating. Ceramics are the most used and environmentally friendly materials since ancient times.

Hot wine pot is a kind of vessel that can make wine drink after heating. It is also called warm wine pot. It is very convenient to drink in winter. Generally speaking, the material of hot wine pot should be carefully selected and must have certain stability under high temperature heating to avoid chemical reaction and harm to human body.

At present, the popular warm wine pots on the market are made of copper, iron, tin and ceramics. Ceramics are the most widely spread from ancient times to now. Its main component is calcium oxide. Because it does not contain lead and other substances harmful to human body, it is very green and environmentally friendly. It is even beneficial to people for long-term use.

However, it should be noted that even if the correct hot wine pot is used, the temperature of the wine should be noted. Like some Baijiu, it is better to call methanol and aldehyde more. It is best to heat the wine to 40 degrees or more before drinking the best, drink plenty of hot wine, and have the advantage of warming stomach and activating blood, and the fragrance will be more strong.