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Can rice washing water wash white clothes? How to deal with the stains on white clothes

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Although white clothes are very beautiful, they are very easy to get dirty, and white clothes do not need to be cleaned. If you are not careful, you will leave ugly stains. Today, let's learn how to clean white clothes. Can rice washing water wash white clothes? Yes. Rice washing water is very common. The water used to wash rice can be used to wash white clothes. First, pour the rice washing water into the basin, then put the yellow white clothes in for cleaning, add an appropriate amount of washing liquid, and clean them according to the normal washing procedures. Often wash white clothes with rice washing water. White clothes are not so easy to turn yellow. How to deal with the stains on white clothes 1. Wash rice water + orange peel, keep rice washing water or put orange peel into the pot and add water to cook.

2. Soak the yellowing clothes and scrub them to make them white easily.

3. Yellow stains caused by sweating shall be removed with ammonia.

4. Sweat containing fat is easy to condense in cloth fibers.

5. When washing, add about 2 tablespoons of ammonia, soak for a few minutes and scrub.

6. Wash with clean water and deal with it according to the general laundry procedures, and the yellow sweat stains can be removed. How to clean white clothes 1. White washing tips for white clothes: for large-area yellowing (cotton, hemp and other plant fibers, chemical fibers), take 2 fresh lemon slices, add water, turn on and off the fire, air them to warm water, soak the clothes for about 1 hour, and then dry them as white as new.

2. Wash white with vinegar: 250ml white vinegar. Add white vinegar before rinsing the clothes. The washed white clothes are as white as new.

3. Wash white with baking soda. Fill the basin with hot water, put the dyed clothes in, and add 10 tablespoons of baking soda per liter of water. Then cover the clothes with laurel leaves, put them for one night, wash them the next day, and the clothes will be clean. How can white clothes be whiter? 1. 84 disinfectant

In addition to disinfection, one of the main functions of 84 disinfectant is bleaching. If white clothes turn yellow or catch other stains, you can pour an appropriate amount of 84 disinfectant into clean water according to the number of stains. After stirring evenly, soak the clothes in. After about half an hour, rub the stained places with your hands to achieve a good bleaching effect.

2. Pure blue ink

The pure blue ink used for writing also has a good bleaching effect. There is no other bleach available for white clothes in school. After washing the clothes, a small amount of blue ink will be poured into clean water, and then the white clothes will be put in. The bleaching effect of yellow white clothes is good.

3. Baking soda

Add a little water to the baking soda, stir it into a paste, and then apply it to the stains on the clothes. After air drying, rub it with your hands to better remove the stains. If the clothes are yellow as a whole, soak it in relatively strong soda water, which can also play the role of bleaching. Children's princess skirt with what shoes children's princess skirt how to match chiffon fabric is easy to break? Elastic chiffon fabric is good? What kind of shirt is popular in 2020 men's shirt fashion trend chiffon fabric's advantages chiffon fabric's characteristics what kind of clothes boys wear in autumn? What kind of clothes do boys wear in autumn? What kind of hats do they wear? What kind of sweaters do they wear Why does Swarovski Necklace fade? Are blue pearls natural? Are there natural blue pearls