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Tips on how to wash blood stains off

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Method 1: from the analysis of the chemical composition of blood, if the blood just attached to the clothes should be washed with cold water or salt water immediately and flushed more for a while, but remember not to use hot water, because hot water coagulates the blood. Wash again with soap after washing. Method 2: scrub the blood with radish juice mixed with salt. Method 3: scrub with 10% tartaric acid solution and rinse with cold water. Method 4: if you wash with washing powder, it is recommended to choose the washing powder with eyebrows to remove blood stains. Method 5: if it takes a long time, it needs to be scrubbed with 10% ammonia or 3% hydrogen peroxide, and then washed with cold water. If it is still not clean, wash with 10-15% oxalic acid solution. Method 6: the universal washing method is to slowly knead and wash with sulfur soap. Method 7: wipe the blood with hand oil. After half an hour, wash it with cold water. Method 8. If clothes, sheets and quilt covers are stained with blood, they should be cleaned immediately, otherwise the blood spots will not be easily removed after a long time. Method 9. And when cleaning blood stains, you can't wash them with hot water, you can only wash them with cold water. Cleaning tips for Chen blood stains with a long time: if the blood stains on the clothes have solidified into Chen blood stains, how to wash them? First, soak them in cold water for a long time. Because when the blood is not coagulated, the iron in heme exists in the form of ferrous and can be dissolved in water. Over time, ferrous iron in heme is oxidized to trivalent iron and coagulates together with protein. It is difficult to wash off blood spots on the fabric. You can use enzyme detergent to soak for a long time to remove blood stains between fibers. The alkaline protease in enzyme detergent can relax and disintegrate the protein in the blood stains and peel it off from the fabric. If it is not clean, wipe the contaminated part with tartaric acid solution or ammonia (10%), or scrub it with 10% ~ 15% oxalic acid solution for 1 ~ 2 minutes, because oxalic acid is a reducing agent, which can reduce trivalent iron insoluble in water to divalent iron soluble in water. Cleaning method of fresh blood stains on clothes: when clothes are just stained with blood stains, how to wash them? At this time, if blood stains are found, wash them immediately with cold water or light salt water (hot water is prohibited, because blood contains protein, it will solidify and not dissolve easily in heat), and then wash them with soap or 10% potassium iodide solution. If it is found that the blood stain has not completely disappeared, put a cloth on the back of the blood stain, spread the white radish slice or white radish mud on the blood stain, and then pat it hard, or wash it with enzyme washing powder. The effect is quite good, and finally wash it with clean water. The chemical composition of ginger can be divided into three categories: volatile oil, gingerol and diphenylheptane. It can resist oxidation, inhibit blood coagulation and decomposition, and other biological activities. So ginger can remove the blood.