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How to smooth clothes without an iron

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Introduction: I don't know if my little friend has ever encountered this situation. The clothes taken out from the wardrobe are always wrinkled. If you want to wear them, they will affect your mood. But there is no iron or hanging ironing machine at home. What to do in this situation? Don't worry, it will inevitably wrinkle your clothes. Xiaobian tells you six tips to smooth the wrinkles even if you don't have an iron!

1、 Hair dryer wrinkle removal

The wrinkles of clothes are slightly wet or wet. First, use the weight of moisture to straighten the clothes gradually, and then adjust the hair dryer to the highest temperature. The hot air can smooth the wrinkles of clothes and achieve the wrinkle removal effect.

2、 Mattress wrinkle removal

First roll the clothes into Swiss rolls and put them under the mattress for an hour, so that the clothes "temporarily forget" the original creases, and make use of the fixity and weight of the mattress to make the wrinkles disappear gradually. (tip: don't try if the mattress is too dirty)

3、 Steam pot wrinkle removal

The steam of the hot water kettle can also remove wrinkles for clothes. The premise is that the kettle needs to be 20 cm away from the clothes, so as not to burn the clothes due to the high temperature of the steam.

4、 Hot water bag wrinkle removal

You can fill the hot water bag or mineral water bottle with hot water, put the wrinkled clothes on a flat place, and iron them slowly in the same direction along the lines of the clothes, but be careful not to scald yourself.

5、 Bathroom wrinkle removal

We all know that when you apply the mask, you can brush your nail polish, and know how to use time to become a beautiful king. Then bathing can't waste time. It is similar to the principle of steam iron. When taking a bath, take the wrinkled clothes into the bathroom and hang them. Then, while taking a bath, steam the clothes with the help of the steam from the hot shower in the bathroom. It should be noted that the position of hanging the clothes should be far away from the shower head to prevent the shower from wetting the clothes.

6、 Use a wet towel

After taking a bath, do you find that you forgot to use the bathroom steam? It doesn't matter. Put your clothes on the table and press the wrinkled place with a wet towel. You can also flatten your clothes.

"People rely on clothes and horses rely on saddles" is very reasonable. When you go out, you must pay attention to your image. Keeping your clothes clean is the first impression. You must pay attention to it.