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How to remove bags under the eyes teach you 9 Tips to remove bags under the eyes

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I believe that for many people with bags under their eyes, they look very tired every day. If there are some more wrinkles, it will be more old-fashioned, because eye bags and wrinkles always complement each other. Nowadays, the formation of eye bags is mostly irregular in life. Today, Xiaobian will teach you how to remove eye bags and teach you 9 Tips to remove eye bags. There is always one suitable for you.

1. Egg massage

Boil the whole egg, wrap it with a hot towel, and gently roll and massage around the eyes, which helps to speed up the blood circulation around the eyes, alleviate and eliminate eye bags.

2. Exercise your eyes

The upper and lower eyelids should be consciously closed, but do not move too much to avoid wrinkles. Adhere to more than 100 times a day to make the eyelid muscles feel contraction and relaxation, and improve the sagging pouch.

3. Cotton pad + frozen tea applied to eyes

Put a small cup of tea into the refrigerator and freeze it for about 15 minutes, then dip it in the tea with a small piece of cotton pad, and then apply it to your eyes, which can quickly remove eye bags.

4. Cold compress to reduce swelling.

If the pouch is caused by lack of sleep, it can be relieved by cold compress. Wrap two or three pieces of ice with fresh-keeping paper, fold the towel in half over your eyelids, and then put the ice on it. Using frozen tea bags or cosmetic cotton soaked in frozen milk also has the effect of detumescence and sedation.

5. Apple slices applied to eyes

Wash, slice and clean the fresh apple. After cleaning the face, lie down, close your eyes, apply the cut apple slices to your eyes, change one for 5 minutes, lie still for 20 minutes, remove and wash, which can not only eliminate eye bags, but also alleviate eye fatigue.

6. Saline hot compress

Take 1 tablespoon of table salt and put it into 1 cup of hot water. After all the salt melts, apply it on the eye bag with a cotton pad dipped in salt water, gently massage for 5 ~ 10 minutes, then wash it with water and do it 2 ~ 3 times a week.

7. Flower and grass eye application

For the lower pouch, chamomile, superior black tea or rose seeds are often used, and heated castor oil or olive oil is used to wet compress the lower pouch for 15 minutes to several hours every day. These substances help to solve the pouch problem in the lower part of the eye.

8. Three flower tea

Mix jasmine flower, ginseng flower and rose tea together and brew with hot boiled water. Two cups a day. This flower tea has the effects of regulating qi, relieving depression, resolving dampness, promoting blood circulation and dispersing blood stasis, strengthening the heart and tonifying the kidney, and can improve eye edema caused by body deficiency.

9. Eye cream to remove eye bags

Eye cream is essential for eye skin care. Take an appropriate amount of meizier Apple stem cell eye cream from above the eye head, slowly slide to the eye socket, and then gently press it for 10 times. Slowly move to the end of the eye, pat and press about 10 times, and then circle and press at the silk and bamboo hole for 5 times, which can not only promote the skin's absorption of eye cream, but also improve blood circulation.

Good skin care products are our winning secret to remove eye bags. The China dried fruit is a rich vegetable essence extracted from plants. Its texture is refreshing and easy to absorb, replenishing eye water, repairing black eye circles and pouches, and no longer worries about eye skin problems. Relatively high concentration of essential ingredients can be used to break the fine lines, dark circles, relaxation and edema of eye skin. Repair essence replenish moisture to skin, repair black eye socket and lock moisture.

How to remove pouch? The above teaches you 9 Tips to remove eye bags. Choose one or two that are convenient for you to use. You can try them slowly at home. However, in order to completely remove the pouch and improve the eye skin, the above meizier Apple stem cells are very good. The texture is moist and clear, the color is clear and transparent, and the mobility is strong. They can be absorbed by the skin with a gentle wipe, and the ductility is particularly good.

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