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Can the waist of trousers be enlarged when they are small

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tolerable. Generally, there are some stitches at the waist of trousers; You can get a special place to change clothes and let people see how many stitches there are inside; Change after measurement, otherwise the pants will change. The ways to enlarge the waistband are as follows: 1. Unseal those with surplus and open them. If not, you can find a denim with similar color to join them into the seam. For fear of being unnatural, you can sew an embroidery on them to cover them. 2. Tell the tailor that the side seam of the pants is 3cm, and the two sides are 6cm. When sewing the back crotch for 2.5-3cm, the remaining 1-1.5cm is eaten when the waist is on. Tell him that he will know, but the version of the pants is easy to deform. 3. Open the waist dart. If there is a front dart, it is better to put the front dart. If it is too thin, you can let go of all the front darts (how thin is it, How much. Then check whether the cloth in the waist is the same as the fabric. If it is the same, cut off the corresponding length of the inside, connect it to the waist, and fill it with other cloth close to the color (anyway, it's in the waist, and the fabric almost doesn't matter). If you wear a belt, you will block the patchwork of the waist (anyway, it is covered by clothes, which does not affect the beauty). If the waist is narrow, you can cut it longer. Put the width of the two waist together and change it to the width of one waist. It's OK. The way to enlarge the elastic trousers: turn off the waist, loosen the folding on the waist, and loosen it to the size you need. The waist must be short. Just find the color you like and connect it in the middle of the back waist, and then sew it on the waist.