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How to make the big face smaller 5 tips to get rid of the big cake face

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The figure is OK, but the face is big and looks like a big doll, which annoys many mm. Taking photos because of the big face is also very photogenic. How to make the big face smaller? Xiaobian recommends five tips to help you get rid of the big cake face.

1. Psychological suggestion method

Research shows that as long as all parts of your body are consuming calories, the excess fat on your face will slowly be consumed. It takes some time to see the effect. In this process, it is necessary to get support and increase confidence. These can become the driving force for persistence. Therefore, mm in weight loss must learn psychological suggestion weight loss method.

2. Control staple food and sweets

For those with large food intake, the decreasing method can be used to control the food intake. Wheat, rice and some miscellaneous grains can be selected as the main grain to form the habit of eating seven or eight points full. Foods containing too much starch and extremely sweet should be controlled.

3. Aerobic exercise for half an hour every day

Try to do 30 minutes of aerobic exercise every day, which can improve your heart rate, accelerate your metabolism, sweat and burn fat, which is very helpful to your thin face.

4. Bean sprouts eliminate edema

Bean sprouts contain ingredients to eliminate edema, so it's best to thin your face. For example, it contains potassium, which plays a great role in eliminating edema. Regular consumption of bean sprouts can help the body discharge toxins and excess water, and then help thin face.

5. Cheek muscle exercise

The largest part of the face is the cheek. Therefore, how to make the cheek firm is one of the lessons of the small face. In addition to paying attention to the maintenance of the face, exercising the cheek muscles is also very useful. For example, it is also very good to exercise the cheek muscles by often using a straw to suck drinks, whistle or balloon, and even playing harmonica.

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