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[tips for baby with slight runny nose]

Friendly tips: the full text is about 3205 words. Please read it patiently. Keyword tags: the baby has a slight runny nose. Apart from runny nose in the case of fever and cold, runny nose will also appear in the case of cold and wind. In addition, people's own heavier necessities will be more abundant. Therefore, they may enter the water in the case of sneezing or bathing, It may cause runny nose. The baby has mild runny nose. You can see the runny nose first. If it is a physiological factor, it needs to be checked. When a fever and a cold leave, it is not easy for the disease to subside at once. In response to the most common disease after a fever and a cold, runny nose and stuffy nose really devastate the baby and start to doubt life. It is necessary to be careful of medical care. If the eyes are the inner dialog box, the nose is the safe passage of life, and the runny nose metabolized by the nasal mucosa in the nose is the "guard envoy" of the body's respiratory system. However, the excessive amount of runny nose and the change of color and concentration may be the data signal of the disease, which should be paid attention to. Below we'll look at the baby's runny nose and see what discomfort the baby has. Runny nose situation 1: cold water like babies usually have cold water like runny nose at the beginning of a cold. Therefore, if parents detect that their babies have cold water like runny nose, it shows that the babies at home have signs of fever and cold. We should pay more attention to doing a good job in cold prevention and warmth preservation for our babies, especially now there is a large temperature difference in the morning, middle and evening, so as to prevent aggravation of the disease. Runny nose condition 2: pus like conditions are generally mainly manifested in the late stage of a cold, but there is no need for parents to worry, because such conditions are generally accompanied by the cure of a child's cold and have just begun to ease slowly. However, if parents notice that their baby has runny nose for more than 10 days, they need to consider whether the baby has sinusitis, especially when the child has a cold. Therefore, parents should pay more attention here on the one hand. Runny nose condition 3: light yellow pus like. When parents notice that their baby's runny nose is light yellow pus like and also contains significant peculiar smell, it indicates that the baby is suffering from severe sinusitis, so they must take the baby to the hospital for treatment immediately. Runny nose situation 4: scab block scab block actually refers to what the baby's runny nose looks like after it is made, and it will continue to bring some unique peculiar smell. This kind of disease is also more significant. Therefore, if parents find that the baby has a runny nose, they need to understand that it is the characteristic of atrophic rhinitis and take the baby to see a doctor immediately. Runny nose situation 5: accompanied by blood, this kind of runny nose with blood is generally caused by systemic diseases such as trauma, inflammation or vitamin deficiency in the nose. Therefore, if parents find that the baby's runny nose contains blood or small blood mass, they need to pay high attention at the beginning. Runny nose condition 6: one nostril has peculiar smell, pus like runny nose or blood. Parents need to pay attention to whether the baby's nose is blocked by foreign bodies. The baby is young, but his thirst for knowledge is very heavy. He will always put some things into his nose by mistake, such as paper and peanut kernel. Then the baby's nasal mucosa is damaged and there is blood in the runny nose. Therefore, parents should pay attention to their baby and try to reduce the number of things that the baby puts into his nose. Otherwise, if it is more serious, the baby will not breathe smoothly. Natural fever and cold heal at the beginning. The way to treat runny nose and stuffy nose is to take medicine on time, pay attention to rest, and keep your feet cold and warm. In addition, are there any small ways to reduce and alleviate the disease? The beauty anchor below will gather the work experience of mom and friends, tips and secret prescriptions, and collect them quickly! The secret recipe for treating fried ginger powder applied to the soles of the feet is suitable for the baby to spray, runny nose and stuffy nose in the early stage. Operation methods: 1. Cut ginger foam into several pieces. 2. Stir fry ginger foam in a spicy dry pot. It should be very dry and dry. It's ok if there's a little paste. 3. Sew a small packing bag with small sand cloth or non proof cloth, and put the fried ginger foam in it. 4. Stick the packing bag in the foot of the commodity while it also has a slight degree of attention. That would be a big victory.