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[the shoe is a yard smaller and supports the big trick]

Friendly tips: the full text is about 2398 words. Please read it patiently. Keyword tags: how to do when the shoes are a yard smaller. Now, the convenience of online shopping makes more and more people tend to shop online. But in some cases, we will also encounter some confusion. For example, online shopping boots are very prone to small shoe sizes because they don't try on clothes in person. Naturally, this kind of situation is not limited to online shopping. Even if we try on clothes, the boots we buy in large shopping malls will be too small. So are there any tips for making boots smaller and bigger? 1. Why do my used boots continue to be small? This problem may perplex everyone all the time. Today, I'll solve your doubts. Because most of the people who like shopping are after work, they are tired for a day, the human body is too tired, and the feet are too tired. Although shopping is the same as beating chicken blood, the muscles of the feet have already begun to close. They usually wear 38 boots, You may try 37 boots that are more suitable. Adjust your mood and say that the size of the boots is too large because you love them too much. When we rest for one night, the foot has already completely released the pressure. Now you wear shoes again, you may feel a little squeezed and uncomfortable. Now understand why tried boots are getting smaller. 2. According to their own specific situation, because everyone's feet are different, some may be thin, some may be slightly fat. Women who pursue beauty in summer like to wear sandals. In some cases, they may encounter boots that will soon fit, but the front shoe mouth is too narrow, which makes their feet uncomfortable. If you buy shoes in the store, the store staff may use some special tools to help you expand the total width of the boots a little, but now most people like online shopping that can't get out of the house, What if the boots don't fit at the moment? Let's learn and train the medical ice bag method. 3. First of all, we need to prepare two packing bags with chains in advance. Because they are several pairs of boots, if not, we can use two plastic bags, but we must ensure that there is no need for water seepage; Immediately fill about one-third of the blood in two packaging bags and stick the socket; Replenish and check again. After it is clear that there is no water seepage, be careful to plug it into the boots; The last step of weight-bearing is to put it into the freezer of the refrigerator. Since we usually store food in the refrigerator, although there is nothing in the new boots, for environmental sanitation, we also need to pave a layer of fresh-keeping bags in the refrigerator or find a professional packaging bag and half a bag of decorated boots, so that we can just start cold storage. The key to this medical ice bag method is to use the basic principle of surging after water freezes. When the ice rises, the boots will be immediately opened. In about one night, you can get the outside of the refrigerator. In the whole process of waiting for the ice to melt, you can hold it for a while to prevent it from becoming a prototype quickly. Conclusion: according to the above tips and experiments, do you already know a little about this kind of shoes? If you encounter the same problem of squeezing your feet with boots, I suggest you try it. Not only can you save money for a pair of shoes, but the key is to facilitate entering the house.