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How does the child have a high fever in the middle of the night? Do you have any tips to cool down q

Friendly tips: the full text is about 999 words. Please read it patiently. Keyword tags: Tips for seven year old children to cool down their fever. Common physical cooling methods in families: 1. Drink more warm boiled water, green vegetable water and fruit juice. Drink plenty of water and replenish body fluids for your baby. This is the most basic cooling method, and it is very effective and practical. It is suitable for all babies with fever. Generally, if the baby has a high fever in the middle of the night, first give him a antipyretic paste for physical cooling, and then give him some antipyretic drugs to help alleviate the fever. Details 1.3.1 warm water bath (1) operation method: soak the towel with warm water at 32 ℃ ~ 35 ℃. After wring it dry, the operator wraps a small towel with his hand, and rubs and massages the armpit, limbs, groin, popliteal back and other parts of the child in a centrifugal direction, ... a tendon next to the right ankle in the direction of the back heel propped up, pinned to the ankle in the direction of the toe, and the lower foot was reset again. Now if you push it with your hand, it will be misplaced. Guidance: This is the recovery of ligament and tendon after possible strain at that time... Details