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What if the baby doesn't want to go to kindergarten? These tips are very useful

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Tips for children not wanting to go to kindergarten

After many babies reach the age of kindergarten, their parents will find a good kindergarten for their babies, but not every baby can accept the sudden change of family life and accept the collective learning life in kindergarten, so many babies resist going to school! What if the baby doesn't want to go to kindergarten? These tips are very useful!

What if the baby doesn't want to go to kindergarten?

1. Coax children with toys they love to play with

When babies go to kindergarten for the first time, they can choose some small toys they like to take to kindergarten, or buy them some new toys they like, which can divert their attention and reduce their anxiety. It can also play a role of companionship, making them feel very safe with their parents around!

2. Go to school together

Parents can contact their friends' or neighbors' babies to go to kindergarten with their own babies. With companions, the babies' sense of loneliness and insecurity will be relatively less obvious, and will also enhance their interest in school.

3. The way of telling stories

Parents can tell their children that kindergarten life is very interesting in the form of stories. For example, there are many children who can play together and many fun toys. The teachers are also very good. They can tell them that kindergarten has a lot of fun and constantly encourage them to take that step.

4. Tough attitude

Most children resist when they go to kindergarten for the first time. At this time, their parents should be tougher and let them know that they must go to kindergarten. They can't compromise because they are soft hearted, but they should also pay attention not to be too fierce, otherwise it will backfire.

Encourage children more verbally, or cooperate with teachers and praise them more. After a period of time, they can accept the kindergarten psychologically. In terms of early education, the way of early education in kindergartens is more systematic and standardized than that in families, so parents can't let their children stay at home with their wishes, which is not conducive to the healthy growth of children.

5. Food temptation

Many babies still like to eat delicious snacks. At this time, you can tell your baby that if you are willing to go to kindergarten, you can promise them to eat some snacks they want after school every day. Of course, you should pay attention to controlling the amount! Otherwise, it may not be good for the baby's teeth and body!

6. Psychological construction

A few months before your baby goes to kindergarten, you should slowly communicate to your baby. There are many benefits of going to kindergarten. What can you do in kindergarten, so that your baby can have an understanding and psychological preparation for kindergarten.