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Putian top ten tourist attractions what are the interesting places in Putian

Putian is a prefecture level city under the jurisdiction of Fujian Province. It is a city with a long history, with many cultural and natural landscapes, and rich tourism resources. So what are the interesting places in Putian? Here's a collection of Putian's top ten tourist attractions. Let's have a look.

10. Meifeng Temple

During the Song Dynasty, plum trees were planted all over the mountains, and Huizong gave it the name "Meilin Buddhist country", so it was called "Meifeng Temple". The predecessor of the temple was originally a Guanyin Pavilion, which was later expanded into a temple by Huang Shi, the mother of Li Fu, a local famous scholar in the eighth year of Yuanfeng of Song Dynasty. After seven years in Shaoxing, the temple was named "Guangxiao temple for repaying kindness".

9. Caixiyan

It is said that monk Zhiguang of the nine temples in Fengshan mountain in the Tang Dynasty passed by here. It is not fireworks on earth and takes wild vegetables as food. Local people often see wild vegetable leaves drifting together in the stream, so they named the mountain "Caixiyan".

8. Mulanpo

Mulanpo was a large-scale water conservancy project built during the Northern Song Dynasty. More than 900 years ago, a large stream that collected 360 streams of water was often flooded due to the influence of the sea tide, which brought great disasters to the people on both sides of the Strait. So in the first year of song Yeping, Qian siniang, a woman from Changle, took Jin Laipu and built a slope in front of jiangjunyan near Zhanglin village.

7. Fenghuang Mountain

Phoenix Mountain is named Phoenix Mountain because it is shaped like a phoenix spreading its wings. There are more than ten landscapes in Fenghuang Mountain Scenic Area, of which the most famous is the "smoke hidden in the stone chamber", and there are many eroded caves inhabited by the ancients on the mountain.

6. Dongyanshan

Dongyan mountain was called Wushi mountain in ancient times. Because the mountain is shaped like a unicorn, it is also called Linshan mountain. Every morning, it is fantastic and unpredictable to watch the sunrise in the East China Sea. Therefore, there is the scenic spot of "Dongshan Xiaoxu", which is one of the "24 scenic spots in Putian".

5. Ninghai Bridge

Ninghai bridge, called ninghaidu in ancient times, is located at the estuary of the lower reaches of Mulan River. As the river and sea converge here, the project is very arduous. It has been built for seven times and took 15 years to finally complete. Ninghai bridge is a large stone bridge with the potential of Changhong and flying in the air. It is very magnificent from a distance. Watching the sunrise from the bridge, thousands of golden lights are directly thrown under the bridge, just like golden dragons chasing waves, which is a spectacle. Therefore, it is known as "the beginning of Ninghai".

4. Guanghua Temple

Guanghua temple, formerly known as jinxianyuan, has a history of more than 1430 years. It is a famous Millennium ancient temple. It is known as the four jungles of Fujian together with Gushan Temple in Fuzhou, Nanputuo temple in Xiamen and Kaiyuan Temple in Quanzhou. It was particularly prosperous in the Song Dynasty.

3. Jiuli Lake

Jiuli lake is one of the "four sceneries" of Xianyou (Jiuli lake, Maixie rock, Caixi rock and Tianma mountain). It is famous for its four wonders of lake, cave, waterfall and stone, especially the flying waterfall. It is known as the "wonder of Jiuli flying waterfall in the world". It is also known as the "three wonders of Fujian" together with Wuyi Mountain and Yuhua cave. It is said that during the period of Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty, the three brothers of he family refined pills here, and then crossed the carp to become immortal. Therefore, Jiuli lake was named.

2. South Shaolin Temple

South Shaolin Temple is the holy land of Wulin in history. It once echoed with Songshan Shaolin Temple in Henan Province because of "South fist and North leg". It is also the cultural heritage of Buddhism and Zen in China and the birthplace of Shaolin South fist.

1. Meizhou Island

Meizhou Island is located in the center of Putian City. It is the second largest island in Putian City. The North-South longitudinal length of the island is as long as E-Mei, so it is called Meizhou. Meizhou Island has always been known as "Southern Penglai". There are more than 30 scenic spots here. Typical ones are "Oriental Hawaii" jiubaolan golden beach, "small stone forest" goose tail strange stone and so on.