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List of Monaco's top ten different tourist attractions local tyrants like to go

Anyone who has been to Monaco or seen it will know that it is a luxurious place where the richest people in the world relax and relax. But what you may not know is that there are some strange tourist traps here.

10 - Monte Carlo Beach Hotel Monaco

Not only can you get a beach view in this hotel and spa, you can also get your own private beach. Moreover, since the 1930s, it has also existed in unusual architectural conflicts.

9 – Monaco F1 track

When you arrive here a few weeks before the race, you will be allowed to take the test car out at a small cost. Well, it's only a few hundred pounds, but it's still an amazing experience.

8 – Monaco Yacht Show

Are you a millionaire? Well, don't watch this program again, because these ships are for billionaires. Some people may spend $1 billion!

7 - Monaco Stadium

This is not only good for the fans, but also for the enthusiasm and talents of those who like to cut a stone on the pitch. It is still widely regarded as one of the most unusual football stadiums in the world.

6 - exotic gardens in Monaco

They have collected some rare plants in this garden for nearly 100 years, and now it is the home of some really unique plants and flowers.

5 - Monte Carlo Casino

It is not only a quite magnificent building, but also the home of several James Bond films. Well, it's worth a movie inspired trip to this place.

4 - post office, Monte Carlo

It may be an ordinary office, but it is also a very impressive Stamp Museum, including some of the world's rarest stamp museums.

3 - marble subway station, skipling

I believe Monaco's wealth has become the home of the world's only marble subway station.

2 - Monaco National Museum, Monaco Ville

If you like the strange and creepy side of your museum, you will need to visit the dolls in the museum.

1 - Marine Museum, vile, Monaco

It is said to be the world's largest Magician (curiosity), just about ocean exploration. OK, so it's almost a rich man's strange collection, but it's sure to get those unusual photos to go.