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Top 10 best infant formula list

the choice of milk powder is very important for the baby. When purchasing imported milk powder, we should consider the quality, price and nutrition of milk powder. In addition, we should also know whether the milk powder will cause the baby to get angry and whether the milk powder will cause allergy. After the frequent problems of domestic milk powder, foreign brand milk powder also has a lot of fake and unqualified products. In addition, there are many milk powder brands in their own market, which makes it impossible for baomoms to buy. The following is the top 10 imported milk powder on the market

No.1 Mead Johnson milk powder

The first of the top ten brands of milk powder is Mead Johnson milk powder from the United States. Nutritional Mead Johnson milk powder contains scientifically proven levels of DHA and Ara to help the baby's intellectual and visual development, effectively improve the health of respiratory system, its choline water is equivalent to that of breast milk, and improve the baby's memory. The unique gos prebiotic combination promotes baby's intestinal health, and a variety of nutrients help resistance

No.2 Nestle milk powder

Nestle milk powder ranks second among the top ten brands of milk powder. It is also a brand unanimously recognized by its mother. The unique prebiotic combination of nutritional Nestle milk powder ensures the baby's brain nutrition absorption and helps the baby's intestinal health. The key nutrients required by the brain such as DHA, ARA, iron, zinc, iodine, choline, linolenic acid and linoleic acid help the baby's brain development, and more than 20 kinds of vitamins and minerals help the baby's physical development.

No.3 Wyeth milk powder

Wyeth milk powder ranks first in the list, which can be said to be worthy of its name. 'Wyeth believes that every baby can learn better' has been spread to thousands of families. Nutritious Wyeth milk powder specially contains DHA and AA, balanced formula ratio, taurine and choline to help baby's brain development, high-quality & alpha; Whey protein strengthens vitamin D to help your baby's physical development, while vitamin E, nucleotides, zinc and selenium help your baby enhance resistance.

No.4 Yili milk powder

As the only Asian dairy enterprise that has entered the top ten in the world, Yili milk powder ranks fourth among the top ten brands of milk powder. The raw materials of nutritional Yili milk powder are the high-quality milk of the day. The technology of double sterilization at room temperature preserves the nutritional components of milk. The milk powder contains rich high-quality protein, rich milk aroma and very high solubility. The milk powder does not contain sucrose, and the taste is smooth and pure.

No.5 Meisu Jiaer milk powder

As the fifth of the top ten brands of milk powder, Meisu Jiaer milk powder is also deeply loved by consumers. The original imported milk source with pure nutrition ensures the quality and taste of the milk powder. The newly upgraded protein optimized formula is more suitable for the baby's intestines and stomach. After drinking for the baby, many mothers think that they don't get angry and hot, the baby's stool is also very smooth, it's not easy to get sick, and the growth and development is very good.

No.6 Domex milk powder

Domex milk powder ranks seventh among the top ten brands of milk powder. The three in one combination of DHA, Ara and choline helps to improve the baby's brain development. Among them, DHA helps the development of brain and vision, Ara helps the development of brain, and choline helps the baby improve memory. The specially added polyfructose helps the baby improve intestinal health and keep the baby from getting hot.

No.7 Abbott milk powder

Introduction 'commitment to life' is the concept that Abbott has been adhering to, and this concept also makes it the sixth of the top ten brands of milk powder. The combination of nutritionally active probiotics and prebiotics adds protection to the baby. The 100% lactose formula makes the baby easier to digest. The combination of algal oil DHA and lutein helps the baby's brain development. The POF affinity formula is well absorbed by the baby and makes the stool soft

No.8 beinmei milk powder

Beinmei milk powder, a 'baby care expert' specially developed for Chinese babies, ranks eighth among the top ten brands of milk powder. Nutritional bainmei milk powder adopts a fresh milk formula with more uniform nutrition, which makes the baby easy to digest without getting angry. The high-quality milk source from anda, Heilongjiang, the hometown of dairy cows, makes the milk powder taste better. Bainmei milk powder has comprehensive and balanced nutrition to ensure the balanced development of the baby and the healthy growth of the baby.

No.9 nuoyneng milk powder

Synopsis in the tenth place of the top ten brands of milk powder is nuoyoneng milk powder from the Netherlands. The nutritious milk source is pure. The prebiotic combination in the milk powder patented by both Europe and China maintains the baby's intestinal health. DHA and AA help the brain and vision development. Nutrients such as iron and zinc can improve cognitive ability and help development. It has light taste, is not easy to get angry, and does not contain sucrose.

No.10 Feihe milk powder

Introduction domestic Feihe milk powder ranks 10th among the top ten brands of milk powder. Nutritional Feihe series milk powder adopts a new formula with comprehensive upgrading, in which CPP is specially added, and the proportion of minerals is optimized, so that various nutrients in the milk powder can be absorbed more easily. Taurine helps the baby's vision development and brain development. Bifidus factor helps the growth of beneficial bacteria in the intestine and improves digestion and absorption.