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Britain's top ten must buy goods Britain's must buy list is stable

I really want to go to England to see the rain. Is London full of Psychedelic color in the rain? Vampires, royal nobles, these are all stories! What must I buy in England? Please see -- 1. British Sherry

How can you go to England without buying sherry? British people's favorite must not be missed. Sitting in a dark bar full of wooden damp smell, drinking Shirley, looking at the rain outside the window, the beauty of mourning. 2. Scotch Whisky

If you don't think Shirley is strong enough, you must try Scotch whisky, malt distillation, slow fermentation in wooden barrels, and ice. It's relaxing and appetizing! 3. Teddy bear

Teddy bears are very meaningful toys in the UK. The fashion brought by the royal family is to buy teddy bears that must be bought in the UK and put them at the head of the bed in the bedroom. They think of their days in the UK and souvenirs. 4. Silverware

British silverware is very gorgeous, exquisite and popular. There are many kinds of silverware. Candlesticks are beautiful. Knives, forks and dishes are used. It is a very classic Western silverware. 5. British black tea

Afternoon tea is an important leisure time for British people, mostly black tea. Of course, you can't leave British black tea in Britain and enjoy the high-quality sensory enjoyment of Britain. 6. British pipe

British gentlemen are mostly depicted with umbrellas, coats, hats and pipes. British pipes are mostly made of heather wood. They are very tonal and worthy of collection. 7. Chocolate

Charlie's chocolate factory is impressive. British chocolate is really delicious, my friends! Many kinds are cheap, mellow and not greasy. It's the kind of delicious food you want to eat. 8. Skin care products

Korean and Japanese cosmetic products are popular in China. How can you not buy good British goods when you come to Britain! The body shop is good and cheap, and other brands are super good. 9. Cashmere

Go to England to buy cashmere. The serious British cashmere is light and beautiful. The cashmere scarf comes out as soon as it matches the British model, and then it is matched with a long windbreaker, which is warm and eye-catching. 10. Lavender series Sachet

The design of the lavender sachet in London's free department store is very retro. The smell of lavender comes slowly. It's good to take it with you or put it in the bag. It's very fragrant.