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Can emaciation eat probiotics to gain weight


1. Probiotics can not make people fat, but it can promote and help the stomach to increase the absorption of nutrients in food. If the gastrointestinal function is not good, absorption disorders lead to weight loss, you can take probiotics regularly to help intestinal wall to strengthen absorption, help to gain weight.

2. Probiotics are not fattening drugs, but to regulate the intestinal flora and help the mucosa and immune system as the basis, can promote the absorption of nutrients, improve digestion and health. Thin friends still need comprehensive conditioning, such as active exercise to enhance physique, eat more nutritious high-quality protein food, avoid staying up late and other reasonable living habits.

When you eat probiotics, you can match stachyose to help promote the reproduction and growth of probiotics, which is conducive to the colonization and reproduction of probiotics in the intestine. For example, zangling stachyose is very good. It's a diet for probiotics in the body.