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Does prebiotics have side effects every day

Everyone has resisted taking medicine for a long time, because what we have heard since childhood is that medicine has three kinds of poison. So whether it's food or health care, we consider the side effects or taboos. Today, let's talk about the products that protect the gastrointestinal tract and prebiotics, and are there any side effects of taking prebiotics every day?

Does prebiotics have side effects every day? There is no side effect in drinking probiotics every day, so it is safe to eat. Prebiotics are substances that the human body cannot digest and absorb. Prebiotics in the body can not be liver, kidney, blood metabolism circulation, will not increase the burden of the kidney. Probiotics are not a certain product, but a large group of substances that can promote the growth and reproduction of intestinal probiotics.

Most prebiotics are purified from plants, and no other chemical substances or toxic and harmful ingredients are added in the extraction process, which is harmless to human body and very safe. We are familiar with prebiotics such as inulin, stachyose and fructooligosaccharides. They can't be digested and absorbed by the human body, that is to say, only the probiotics in the body have special enzymes, which can be decomposed and utilized, converted into nutrients, and make the probiotics full of vitality. It is also conducive to growth, reproduction and colonization, so as to maintain the microecological balance in the body and help digestion and absorption smoothly.