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Can prebiotic compound syrup drink fat

I don't know if there are people in your friends who have contradictory ideas. Fat people think that a meal can help them lose weight every day. Thin people think about how to eat a little meat every day and enjoy themselves in mutual admiration. Today, let's talk about the topic of thin friends. Will prebiotic compound syrup make you fat.

Let's look at the principle and composition of prebiotics. Prebiotics are the general term of substances that help to promote the growth and reproduction of probiotics in vivo. It is not a product, such as stachyose, fructooligosaccharide, oligosaccharide, inulin, etc. What we usually come into contact with belongs to the category of prebiotics, which are not digested and absorbed by our body.

So since prebiotic compound syrup is not digested and absorbed by the human body, how can it help regulate the stomach and promote absorption? Here we need intermediate carrier of beneficial bacteria. Prebiotics selectively promote the growth of one or several beneficial bacteria in the body, inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria through the increase of beneficial bacteria, so as to coordinate the balance of intestinal flora, make the micro ecosystem run well, and also help to increase the digestion and absorption capacity.

According to people's different physical needs, regular consumption of prebiotic compound syrup helps to gain weight. But we normal people, just want to recuperate gastrointestinal problems, will not get fat. Because prebiotic compound syrup regulates the microecological balance of intestines and stomach, it also has two-way regulation, which not only has the need of clearing intestines and stomach, but also helps to increase nutrition absorption. Prebiotics are considered to be the food of probiotics. It's good to maintain the intestines, drink yogurt every day, or eat something like zangling stachyose sooner or later, which is very helpful to promote the growth, reproduction and colonization of probiotics in the intestines. They are beneficial for the body to supplement the source of nutrition, for a better life into new vitality.