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Gastritis which kind of dietotherapy is delicious, yam is very good to gastritis

For digestive tract problems, such as some common gastritis, enteritis friends, some history may be several years, more than ten years have. Some depend on medicine for a long time, and some don't need to take medicine. The majority of gastritis patients still hope to repair and maintain through food therapy, and are afraid of the side effects of long-term use. Today's topic is related to gastritis, especially the food therapy of atrophic gastritis, also known as chronic atrophic gastritis. Let you know which kind of food therapy is the best for chronic gastritis? In fact, yam is very good for gastritis.

Atrophic gastritis, also known as chronic atrophic gastritis, is a chronic digestive system disease characterized by atrophy of gastric mucosa epithelium and glands, reduction in number, thinning of gastric mucosa, thickening of mucosal base, or accompanied by pylorus gland metaplasia and intestinal gland metaplasia, or atypical hyperplasia. Often manifested as epigastric pain, fullness, belching, loss of appetite, or emaciation, anemia, etc., is a multi pathogenic factor disease and precancerous lesions.

For example, some people usually have a lot of social activities. Because of their busy work, they can't take care of their meals when they are busy. The three meals are extremely irregular, and they are easy to suffer from atrophic gastritis. Later, I saw an article saying that taking yam has a very good effect on atrophic gastritis. So I took it in my heart to have a try. According to the dietary guidance in the book, I often took yam, and at the same time, I paid attention to adjusting my daily life. The effect was very good, and later Let's have gastroscopy several times, atrophic gastritis has changed from three + to one +, so today Xiaobian also wants to share with you the help of yam on gastritis.

It is suggested that Dioscorea opposita contains saponin, glycoprotein, tannin, Dioscorea opposita alkaloid, choline, starch, calcium, phosphorus and iron, which can induce interferon and have certain anti-aging material basis. Thus it can be seen that yam can really remedy deficiency and damage. Yam can strengthen the spleen and stomach, help digestion, yam contains amylase, is conducive to digestion and absorption function of the spleen and stomach, is a kind of medicine and food dual-use products of Tonifying the spleen and stomach, for the weak spleen and stomach, less food, body tired, the curative effect is very good. Tonic but not greasy, fragrant but not dry. Chinese yam has been praised as an important medicine for deficiency. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that it has the effect of invigorating spleen and lung, relieving thirst, tonifying essence and strengthening kidney.

Chinese yam can be cooked as a dish, steamed as a cake, and made into sweets. It can also be sliced and fried as a meal. It can also be rolled and porridge. Can be fried yam, yam, or yam mutton soup, tonic effect are very strong. Chinese yam cooked food has the function of invigorating the spleen and replenishing qi, tonifying the lung and moistening dryness. After a long illness, the spleen and stomach are weak, tired and weak, and the appetite is low. There is also a good tonic food therapy for chronic gastritis. It's very safe to take these food materials at ordinary times without side effects. Usually we can also eat some fermented food, pickles, pickles, taste hate, soy sauce, daily supplement rich in dietary fiber food. At the same time, keep the mental state of peace and optimism, daily maintenance of the intestinal tract can supplement yogurt or prebiotics, zangling stachyose is very good, supplement food to probiotics in the body, and inject new vitality into a better life.

There are many varieties of yam, how to choose? The origin of yam is the iron yam of Huai yam produced in Jiaozuo, Henan Province. Compared with common yam, tiebang yam has the characteristics of thin skin, strong quality, short length, long burr and fine section. Iron yam has long burr, dark skin and sometimes purple spots. It is often a big one and a small one, with a slender tail, which is not as uniform as ordinary yam. The texture of common yam is sparse, there is no reflection of porcelain color, and the granule is obvious. The cross section of tiebang yam is not easy to turn yellow, the moisture content is low, and it is very easy to preserve.

Small yam, the effect is not small, so the family has chronic gastritis, or atrophic gastritis friends, must eat yam Oh!