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A girl's crocodile saves her friend's eyes with her fingers

Original title: 11-year-old girl rescued her friend from crocodile's mouth: poking her finger in her eyes on her back

I jumped on the crocodile's back, slapped it with my hand, and then poked it in the eye with my finger, the Daily Telegraph reported Tuesday. Rebecca munkombwe, an 11-year-old girl from Zimbabwe, rescued her friend, 9-year-old LaToya muwani, from a crocodile.

Rebecca is stuck in the town of Hwange in northern Zimbabwe, the Daily Telegraph reported. At the time of the incident, she was playing with several friends, including LaToya, in a water area not far from home. Rebecca recalled: 'as soon as we were about to leave, we heard LaToya's screams. She was swimming alone near the deep water, shouting, as if something was biting her. '

According to Rebecca, LaToya, who was bitten by crocodiles, struggled to float on the water.

'I jumped on the crocodile's back, slapped it with my hands, and then poked its eyes with my fingers until it let go of its mouth. "The brave girl then recalled that after the crocodile dived underwater, she and LaToya swam to the shore together, and others pulled the little girl who had just escaped from the crocodile's mouth out of the water.

After climbing to a safe area, Rebecca was worried about whether the crocodile would attack again, but fortunately, the children never saw it again, the Daily Telegraph said.

After the incident, LaToya was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment. Her father, fortune muwani, lamented that her daughter's survival was a 'miracle'.

Steve chisose, a local congressman, said in this regard that because of the water supply problem, more and more people choose to swim in rivers that are not protected and often haunted by crocodiles, so the attacks are increasing. In response, Steve called on Zimbabwe's parks and wildlife service to remove crocodiles from the local rivers, 'which can cause serious injury or death'.