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What soup can chronic gastritis drink to nourish the stomach?

The incidence of chronic gastritis is closely related to daily life. If gastritis patients want to nourish their stomach, they need to start with diet. So what to eat to nourish the stomach when suffering from gastritis? In daily life, we should also pay attention to eat more food with the effect of strengthening the stomach. Next, we will introduce which soup can nourish the stomach when we drink chronic gastritis? It is best to drink these soup when we have gastritis, for your reference.

What soup can chronic gastritis drink to nourish the stomach?

1. Alkaline food

Many people with gastritis often have nausea, heartburn and other discomfort symptoms due to excessive gastric acid secretion. When excessive gastric acid secretion occurs, we might as well eat some alkaline food, such as milk, soybean milk, steamed bread or bread, which can help us effectively neutralize gastric acid.

2. Milk

For people suffering from gastritis, stomachache is almost commonplace, this time to pay attention to, can be appropriate to drink more milk. Milk not only has the effect of nourishing stomach, but also can relieve stomach pain, because milk contains a lot of protein, it can neutralize gastric acid and relieve stomach pain. But for some patients who will have stomach acid and stomachache after drinking milk, experts suggest that it is best not to drink milk. For patients with atrophic gastritis, they should drink more yogurt in their daily life, and the phospholipids will be tightly adsorbed on the gastric wall, which can protect the gastric mucosa.

3. Soup

In fact, the first choice is not porridge, but soup, and soup is not broth. Broth contains a lot of acidic substances, gastric mucosa will have a certain stimulating effect, so it is best to drink soup. For example, spinach, vermicelli, eggs can be on the very stomach. If the gastrointestinal digestion is not good friends, usually sooner or later each bag of zangling stachyose, help promote the proliferation of gastrointestinal beneficial bacteria, chronic gastritis and common gastrointestinal problems of friends daily consumption is particularly good.

4. Porridge

When it comes to stomach, porridge food is definitely one of the best choices, especially millet porridge has more obvious stomach effect. Experts suggest that when drinking porridge, it is best to chew as much as possible, so that it can also achieve the effect of nourishing the stomach, and will not lead to the emergence of discomfort symptoms.

5. Drink broth

For patients with gastritis who have symptoms of dry mouth, dry throat and no taste of food, it is better to drink more broth, chicken soup and other soup in daily life, or eat more sour fruits, juice and other food, which can effectively promote the secretion of gastric juice and help digestion and absorption.

6. White radish soup

There are also some patients with gastritis often appear in the mouth of pantothenic acid water, do not want to eat and so on, this part of the patients are mostly spleen stomach disharmony gastritis. Experts suggest that these patients should drink more white radish soup in their daily life, in order to resolve these symptoms. You can also drink yogurt daily, supplement probiotics or zangling stachyose sooner or later, which are very good. They all supplement energy for beneficial bacteria in the body and inject new vitality into a better life.

7. Staple food

In terms of staple food, the most stomach nourishing food is noodles. In the rice we often eat, there are certain acids, so people with bad stomach should eat less rice. If it is porridge, you can put some baking soda in it, which has a certain maintenance effect on the stomach. In addition to noodles, another stomach food is soda biscuits.

What soup can chronic gastritis drink to raise stomach? Have gastritis to drink these soup best. When the secretion of gastric acid is reduced, patients can eat concentrated broth, chicken soup, sour fruit or juice to stimulate the secretion of gastric juice and promote digestion. Mental tension, emotional excitement, or excessive anxiety produce adverse stimulation to the cerebral cortex, causing autonomic nerve dysfunction, which is not conducive to food digestion. This also needs to be paid attention to at ordinary times.