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How to deal with blood in stool

Generally speaking, people with bad stomach may have the experience of bloody stool, which is a very bad experience! Disgusting, not to mention terrible! So why is there blood on the stool? What is the reason that causes defecate to have blood? How can we solve this problem? Let Xiaobian take you to the end!

Stool with blood is generally caused by gastrointestinal bleeding, especially colon and rectum bleeding, but occasionally gastrointestinal bleeding. Stool with blood, sometimes all bloody stool, its color is bright red, dark red or tar like, at this time, we should not panic, but also do not pay attention to, hematochezia generally has the following reasons: small intestinal bleeding, may be intestinal tuberculosis, localized enteritis, acute hemorrhagic necrotizing enteritis, intussusception, small intestinal tumor; colon bleeding, may be dysentery, ulcerative colitis Local enteritis, colon cancer; rectal bleeding, may be rectal damage, hemorrhoids, anal fissure, rectal cancer; other diseases, may be a variety of blood diseases, epidemic hemorrhagic fever, typhoid and paratyphoid, hookworm disease, vitamin deficiency.

People with hematochezia usually have bad stomachs. People with bad stomachs must pay attention to their diet. They should not eat unhealthy food such as roadside stalls and try to eat less greasy food. Only in this way can they have a good environment for their stomachs. On weekdays, we should work and rest on time. If we work and rest regularly, our body function will get better.

In addition to daily self-cultivation, the major patients can also be assisted by drugs. Can eat prebiotics, these in the human digestive tract will not be a variety of digestive enzymes decomposition. In the intestinal tract, it can be used by acidophilic lactobacillus, Bifidobacterium and other beneficial bacteria to make them rapidly and massively reproduce. After the probiotics were digested, some of them were converted into short chain fatty acids and a small amount of gas, about 40% of which were used by the bacteria and discharged from the body. Part of the short chain fatty acids are absorbed by colon mucosa and then re entered into the liver, which is further metabolized and converted into available energy, but its energy value is very low, only 1 / 3 of sucrose energy.

readers with intestinal problems need to work with Xiaobian to maintain them! Light diet easy to digest, pay attention to rest, keep enough sleep, symptoms will gradually ease. It's good to drink yoghurt, supplement probiotics or zangling stachyose sooner or later. These are all good food for the beneficial bacteria in the body, good intestines, good stomach, good defecation, and inject new vitality into a better life. I hope this article can help you!