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What does child acute gastroenteritis symptom have?

Every child is a treasure held in the palm of their parents' hands. All parents are reluctant to let their children suffer a little injury. However, in the past, contrary to their wishes, children will always suffer some injuries in the process of growing up, some of which are physical and some of which are spiritual. Psychological injury needs parents to comfort with their patience and warmth, while physical injury needs to find a way. Many children get gastrointestinal disease because they don't eat properly, or acute gastroenteritis is very urgent. So, how should acute gastroenteritis be treated?

First of all, let's talk about what's the matter with acute gastroenteritis. Acute gastroenteritis is relative to chronic gastroenteritis. Generally, chronic gastroenteritis takes a long time to develop, and the disease develops slowly from light to heavy. Acute gastroenteritis doesn't give people any buffering time. It often happens in a few hours. Because children have no self-control, if they don't have the supervision of adults, they will easily get acute gastroenteritis if they don't eat with restraint. This is not a small problem.

How to judge whether the child got acute enteritis? Generally, after eating too much ice cream or seafood, children are easy to get acute gastroenteritis. The common symptoms of acute gastroenteritis are stomachache and diarrhea, and the more serious cases will appear vomiting and diarrhea. It should be noted that these symptoms of patients with acute gastroenteritis are very intensive, and they are completely irresistible, so they should be treated immediately Treatment, so as not to delay the disease.

If the children's intestines and stomach are not good at ordinary times, it's very good to supplement some yoghurt, probiotics or zangling stachyose daily. It can supplement food for probiotics in the body, help rebuild the intestinal environment, make the intestines and stomach well digested, and inject new vitality into a better life.