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What does chronic gastritis do to have help commonly

Have you ever had a dull pain in your stomach? Do you usually notice that? Regular pain in your stomach may mean something wrong with your stomach. Gastrointestinal diseases are generally divided into two kinds, one is chronic, and the other is acute. Today, let's take a look at the situation of chronic gastritis with Xiaobian!

The symptoms of chronic gastritis mainly include dyspepsia, bloating and abdominal pain. When it is serious, it will cause extreme discomfort, diarrhea and vomiting. What's more, it's bloody stool. I'm sure you'll get enough attention. But usually dull pain, you will ignore that as long as you can bear it. But what is chronic gastritis? That is, you have not paid attention to some small details of life, leading to more and more serious illness. What can cause chronic gastritis?

Chronic gastritis is mainly caused by irregular diet. When you see spicy and greasy food, you know it's bad for your health, but you just can't control your mouth. In particular, these young people today can not give up on these foods, so there are reports that people suffering from gastroenteric diseases such as gastritis tend to be younger and younger. Another important aspect is that most of these foods come from roadside stalls and small workshops, and the hygiene situation of many foods is uncertain. Among these foods, there may be a culprit of gastroenteritis, that is bacteria. The imbalance of bacteria in the intestines and stomach will lead to gastrointestinal discomfort, which will form gastrointestinal diseases for a long time.

So if you want to solve gastrointestinal diseases, you have to pay attention to the usual diet. It's not the words you used to explain. You're not sick after eating. If you want to be really healthy, you still have to avoid eating. In addition, physical fitness is also an important aspect. If you are very weak, it is necessary to strengthen physical exercise. Another way to deal with the problem of intestinal balance is to supplement zangling stachyose sooner or later.

Modern medicine has proved that the imbalance of intestinal flora is the fundamental cause of various gastrointestinal diseases. Stachyose regulates gastrointestinal Microecology in two ways. It can inhibit harmful bacteria, eliminate their harm to the gastrointestinal tract, promote the reproduction of beneficial bacteria in the intestinal tract, and the beneficial bacteria can produce a large number of short chain fatty acids, which can inhibit the exogenous bacteria, decompose their own toxins, and quickly remove them from the body, which is very beneficial to improve the gastrointestinal function.