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The treatment of enteritis is better than maintenance

Enteritis belongs to gastrointestinal diseases, if you want to go to the hospital, then choose to go to the gastrointestinal department, but in addition to going to the hospital, we can also treat enteritis through small details in our daily life. The simplest and most difficult thing to pay special attention to is the basic diet.

When eating fruit in daily life, if there is peel, those who can peel must be peeled. Because many farmers use pesticides to kill insects, there may be a lot of chemical residues on the peel. Some vendors wax the peel, so it's best not to use the apple peel. If you can not peel, be sure to use water repeatedly. Wash your hands frequently. Wash your hands before and after meals, otherwise the bacteria on your hands will be eaten.

Usually, we should form the habit of drinking more water. Drinking a glass of water when we just get up in the morning can help us discharge the waste in our body. It's OK to drink a little salt water or honey water. Eat more vitamin rich green vegetables and fresh fruits, such as carrots, Chinese cabbage, apples, kiwi fruit, do not eat spicy, greasy and stimulating food. Don't just skip breakfast or eat some fast food just because you are busy. Have a nutritious breakfast.

Some people who are more partial to food are easy to overeat. When they see the food they like to eat, they will eat too much, and they will not touch the food they don't like. This will bring trouble to the normal work of the intestinal tract. If they eat too much food all at once, their intestines and stomach will be too busy to digest. The ideal state should be to eat less and eat more.

If you have a bad stomach and intestines, you can take a bag of zangling stachyose in the morning and evening. Zangling stachyose is a nutrient solution for beneficial bacteria in the body. After taking zangling stachyose, it can proliferate beneficial bacteria at a rate of 40 times to 103 times, which not only has the effect of daily nourishing the stomach, but also provides the repair and protection of damaged intestines and stomach. At the same time, periodic use can also reduce the invasion of gastrointestinal diseases.