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The 7th cruise ship in the world encountered an accident on its first voyage

Original title: the world's seventh largest cruise ship cost 6 billion yuan to hit a dock

The new MSc grandiosa, one of the world's largest cruise ships, launched its maiden voyage last month. However, when it tried to dock at a pier in Palermo, Italy, on Monday morning, it hit hellip; & hellip;

According to today's Russian news on the 30th, the luxury liner collided when it approached the Sicilian Wharf at about 8:30 in the morning. The video recorded the moment when the ship, which was trying to reach the shore, collided with the wharf, and the sound of the ship's siren could be clearly heard after the collision.

According to the report, the impact caused some walls of the hull to collapse, leaving obvious damage marks on the hull. In spite of the unfortunate collision, the cruise ship made a smooth landing.

It is reported that the Mediterranean Hongtu cruise costs 853 million US dollars (about 6 billion yuan). With a total weight of 181541 tons, it is the seventh largest cruise ship in the world. In terms of capacity, the Mediterranean Hongtu cruise ship ranks second in the world.