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King glory S18 season new season update time return skin

Original title: when will the season of glory of Kings start? When will the season be launched

Four seas net news King glory next season to come out of the new content is basically determined, next as long as the season update can. This season's glory order has ended, which means that the new season will also start. When will the S18 season start? What day will it start? Xiaobian will analyze the time for you.

Start time prediction of season S18 in glory of Kings

May be January, January 9

Possible February, January 16

1. The season update must be a big version update. The official big version update is usually scheduled on Thursday. Of course, it is a special case that the update is delayed. It is impossible to update the big version only on weekends, and other time delays are possible.

2. Ranking season = team season. The end time of these two seasons is in January 2020. As some of the new playing methods added in S18 season have something to do with the Spring Festival (year beast mode), this must be online in January. The Spring Festival is the last ten days of January. At least it can be confirmed that the new season has been entered at this time.

3. The glory crystal skin is the vitality of Cheng Yaojin and the king's crystal skin is the breakthrough of Nezha's dimension. The crystal store is normally updated on the Spring Festival and summer vacation, and the new version has just come online. However, the official has specially said that the crystal store will be updated in mid January. This situation usually enters the new season in the middle of January instead of late January.

Therefore, the time points may be in the above two. If the season is changed on January 9, the crystal store will not be updated directly, but will be updated every other week. If the season is changed on January 16, the crystal store will change together on the day of season update. As the next season is about to start, normal also want to play the end of the game activities, see this kind of activity basically default to change the season within a week!

What's new next season?

1. New hero: Meng Zhen must be the new hero of the season update. In addition, the next version will be changed to Xuanyong. There are Ying Zheng's redo version, mirror, and Meng Tian, who is likely to come out.

2. New skin: there are too many new skins. I mainly talk about the two crystal skins that have been announced by the government. They are season skin playing star chaos chess, war making skin Shen Mengxi star sky promise + Li Yuanfang Yinhe contract, Spring Festival five mountains skin Jialuo + Dianwei + Hanxin + Zhuangzhou + Zhenji.

3. New mode: War of awakening. In this mode, the skills of dozens of heroes are enhanced. For example, Angela moves from one to three. However, the heroes are randomly drawn. Players can only exchange heroes by diamonds. This is also a limited time method. It is expected to open during the spring Festival.

In addition, the king's fast running and transformation battle are back online, but the new year beast version is added, which is more suitable for the Spring Festival theme.

The above is the king glory S18 season update time and content, we can do a reference.