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Snow avalanche occurred in Switzerland skiing, 6 people buried in snow have been out of difficulty

Original title: avalanche in Swiss ski resort, 2 people slightly injured and 6 people out of difficulty

At least two people were injured and six were buried in the snow in an avalanche at a ski resort in the Swiss Alps on the 26th, according to the Central News Agency.

Swiss police said the avalanche occurred at about 10:50 a.m. local time, attacking the hillside of the Andermatt snow resort in Switzerland. The avalanche hillside is located at the peak of schneishynastok mountain to the pass of the upper Alps. Andmar Tejo is 109 kilometers south of Zurich.

A special page on the resort's social networking site said six people were rescued from the snow or extricated themselves, and two minor injuries were taken to Altorf Canton hospital.

Police said the search and rescue team consisted of five avalanche search dogs, three helicopters, about 25 skiers, state rescue units, Canton police and rescue teams from the Andermatt tuyerch snow field.

According to police, rescuers believe no one else is trapped in the snow, and the search operation ended at about 6.15 PM.

The resort said it was following an internal hillside safety certification process to ensure that the hillside was safe. Canton police will investigate how the avalanche occurred. The avalanche hillside will continue to be closed until the 27th.