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Six passengers were injured in the collision between two American cruise ships

Original title: two U.S. cruise ships collide in Mexico port, 6 injured

Four seas network news, the world's largest cruise operator - the United States Carnival group (Carnival Corps) two cruises collided in Mexico's Caribbean resort cosumel island on the 20th local time, injuring six passengers, including the stern of one of the cruise ships was smashed.

Both cruises were not affected by the loss of the two cruises after the event.

The New York Times reported that at 8:30 local time on the 20th, a carnival cruise ship was trying to dock at the port of Mexico's cosumel island when it collided with another ship that had already docked, injuring six passengers, the New York Times reported. Some witnesses uploaded videos and photos of the collision to the Internet, causing heated discussion.

According to the live video, the stern of the 'Carnival Glory' collided with the bow side of the 'Carnival legend', making a huge crash, and the hull fragments splashed into the sea. After that, the glory speeded out of legend.

Passenger Jordan & middot Mosley said he was having breakfast on the legend and suddenly we felt the hull shake. Then a few minutes later, the cruise director announced that the & lsquo; glory & amp; had hit our ship & amp; when it docked due to strong winds and poor sea conditions on cosumel island.

A spokesman for the carnival cruise company explained that the glory had made contact with the smaller and berthing legend when it tried to land. He said it was not clear how the accident occurred.

A spokesman for the company also said: 'we are assessing the loss and the airworthiness of the two cruise ships will not be affected' and 'we recommend that all passengers enjoy their day on kosumel island'.

On the afternoon of the 20th, the carnival company issued a new statement saying that six passengers were slightly injured in the accident and had been treated in the medical center on the cruise ship.

A maritime security expert said: 'these cruise ships are frequent customers of the port, which is what they often do', 'so what's wrong with this time

Carnival group said the glory has been carrying 1150 crew members since 2003, with a maximum capacity of 3756, but did not disclose how many people were on board at the time of the collision. The legend can carry 930 crew members and a maximum of 2610 passengers.

Experts said they hope investigators can consider several factors, such as weather effects, cruise engine problems, control system, etc.