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The effect of Sichuan earthquake students' drill in the face of danger is obvious

Original title: Sichuan earthquake teachers and students drilling table to avoid danger, the teacher said that they had carried out many earthquake drills

According to, an earthquake with a magnitude of 5.2 occurred at 8:14 on December 18 in Zizhong County, Neijiang City, Sichuan Province (29.59 n, 104.82 E), with a focal depth of 14 km. At the time of the incident, a video of students hiding under their desks at Fengxiang middle school in Weiyuan County, Neijiang City, was popular on the Internet, known as "textbook" refuge. In the morning, the Beijing News reporter contacted the teacher Zhou Hongbin in the video and recalled the incident.

The video shows that when the earthquake occurred at 8:14, Zhou, who was in class, waved his arms to let his classmates squat down to avoid danger. All the students hid under the table. During this period, some students leaned out, and the half squatting teacher waved teaching aids to let them squat down again, lasting about 10 seconds. After the video was sent to the Internet, the students' smart and unified performance was praised by netizens, and the teacher's ability to coordinate on the spot and not to be in danger also attracted a lot of applause.

In the video, Zhou Hongbin, a teacher of Fengxiang middle school, told the Beijing news that the students' calm and calm response to such emergencies is inseparable from the uninterrupted safety education and drills.

Beijing News: what class was that time? Did you find the earthquake the first time?

Zhou Hongbin: the classroom is on the second floor. At that time, I was taking the course of morality and rule of law, which lasted more than 20 minutes. Because I was standing lecturing, still walking, feeling not obvious. It was a child shouting 'earthquake', and I quickly called out to let everyone squat down.

Beijing News: what was the reaction of the students?

Zhou Hongbin: they are junior one students. Although they are only 12-3 years old, they have received many earthquake drills. In addition to earthquakes, fires, mountain torrents, mudslides, these children also know. So as soon as I say squat, they know to squat between the tables. This is not only true in our class, but also in other classes.

Beijing News: is this the first time you have organized students to escape from danger?

Zhou Hongbin: Although I was not in class during the 2008 earthquake, I rushed into the classroom and yelled for the children to squat down when the earthquake happened. The shaking was much stronger than this one.

Beijing News: compared with 2008, what's the change of students' coping ability?

Zhou Hongbin: the school has been strengthening safety education for students and teachers, and drills have also increased. It can be said that there are both theories and practices. The students felt a little flustered when the earthquake happened in 2008. Although it is obvious today, the students are not flustered. They listen to the command and are very calm. Our teacher is the same, in the case of organizing students to avoid danger, we also have to protect ourselves, so I squat on the platform, on the one hand, to protect ourselves, on the other hand, we have to see the situation of children.

Beijing News: at the end of the video, you open the door of the classroom. What happened?

Zhou Hongbin: (earthquake) after the shaking stopped, I asked the children to continue to squat. I went to the door to have a look at the situation in the corridor, and I didn't let the children move after I came back. It took dozens of seconds for the school broadcast to evacuate, and then the children were called to stand up. According to the previous drill procedure, two teams were naturally formed in the corridor and ran out of the teaching building to the playground.

Beijing News: what is the current situation?

Zhou Hongbin: when we arrived at the playground, the school teachers comforted everyone and gave them psychological counseling. They also emphasized how to deal with the earthquake and carried out safety education. Around 9 o'clock, the students returned to the classroom. Now they are in class. The teaching order is back to normal.