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Chinese New Year's train ticket grabs official action to crack down on ticket scalpers

Original title: train tickets for lunar new year will be robbed today

Four seas net news 2020 lunar new year train tickets will be officially opened today. Since the Spring Festival train tickets have been put on sale, some of the popular routes have experienced the phenomenon that "one ticket is hard to get". At the same time, ticket dealers and seat bullies have also become key targets of attack.

The train tickets for Lunar New Year are in short supply!

According to the regulations that the Internet and telephone booking of Railway Spring Festival tickets will be sold 30 days in advance, and the ticket windows and outlets at stations will be sold 28 days in advance. Today (19), passengers can purchase train tickets on January 17, 2020 (December 23) through the Internet and telephone.

However, the train tickets with peak travel time on January 22 (December 28) and January 23 (December 29) in 2020 will be sold on December 24 and 25, 2019.

This year, the number of passengers sent by railway has continued to rise. According to the prediction of the State Railway Group, the number of passengers sent by the national railway during the Spring Festival transportation will increase by 8.0% year-on-year to 440 million.

The reporter inquired 12306 website on January 18 and found that tickets for many popular routes and trains on January 16, 2020 (December 22) had been sold out.

On the same day, there were no more tickets left for the z-head trains from Beijing to Zhengzhou, and only waiting tickets could be purchased; tickets for most high-speed rail trains were also sold out.

Most of the high-speed trains from Beijing to Jinan have no second-class tickets, and some of them still have first-class and business seats; more than half of the high-speed rail trains from Beijing to Changsha have no tickets left.

According to the data released by the railway department, since the first day of Spring Festival transportation on December 12, train tickets have been sold more than 12 million a day. On December 13 alone, 13.285 million tickets were sold across the country.

Policy to encourage 'reverse spring festival' trains to return to the direction of discount

It's an old topic of Spring Festival transportation every year, but this year's "reverse spring festival transportation" may become a new highlight.

The national development and Reform Commission and other departments released the "opinions on doing a good job in the spring transportation work in 2020" on the 18th, which proposed that the railway should further strengthen the technical prevention and control of 12306 website, give play to the effective means such as alternate ticket purchase, maintain a fair online ticket order, do a good job in the pilot promotion of e-ticket, implement preferential measures for ticket prices in return direction, and encourage 'reverse spring transportation'.

The opinion also requires that every effort be made to increase transport capacity. The railway should make full use of the transport capacity of high-speed rail, give full play to the role of opening new lines at the end of this year, maximize the passenger transport capacity of key directions and areas with concentrated passenger flow, ensure the operation scale of slow trains, and provide basic travel services for the masses.

In addition to railways and civil aviation, tickets for the "reverse spring festival" in big cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and so on continue to be popular.

According to Ctrip's "forecast report of 2020 Spring Festival travel by air", the number of air tickets to Shanghai, Kunming, Hangzhou, Xi'an and Nanjing increased by more than 100% in the week before the Spring Festival, and the price showed a trend of 'cabbage price', with a minimum of 0.8% discount.

The government took measures to crack down on "bully seats" and ticket dealers

In the past years, the travel order of Spring Festival transportation has always been the concern of ordinary people. This year, such behaviors as "bullying" and "blocking the door" will be strictly restricted.

The opinions on doing a good job in the spring transportation work in 2020 emphasizes that it is necessary to investigate and deal with illegal activities such as "illegal vehicles" and "passenger slaughtering", and further strengthen the crackdown on illegal behaviors such as "machine alarm", "car noise", "seat hegemony" and blocking the door, so as to enhance the sense of safety of the masses.

In the fight against scalping, the Falcon 2020 campaign has also been launched in various places.

Beijing railway police announced on December 16 that a manufacturing and selling dens for fake train tickets and fake air transport e-ticket itineraries were destroyed by the police on December 15, and more than 20000 fake tickets were seized, and all two people involved in the case were arrested. Among them, the total face value of fake tickets and plane trips is more than 430000 yuan.

According to the Guangzhou Railway Public Security Circular on the 12th, 22 ticket related cases have been investigated and dealt with, 22 people have been punished, and 133 paper tickets (with a total face value of 40085.5 yuan) have been seized.

On December 4, Shenzhen railway police seized 6 cases of suspected scalping of train tickets, and seized 626 tickets on the spot, with a face value of 119229 yuan.

Railway Department tips, please go to the only official website of the railway And 'railway 12306' app to purchase tickets, to avoid the risk of ticket purchase through abnormal channels. (end)