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Apple's junk inboxes are expected to say goodbye to junk messages

Original title: Apple's new spam inboxes feature reduces spam

Although the mobile phone has more and more functions now, it brings us many conveniences in our daily life. However, many people must be very annoyed with the junk messages in their mobile phones, but do you know what? Recently, it was pointed out that apple is about to launch IOS 13.3 system. Now Apple has added spam inboxes.

Apple update system, we all know that spam has been bothering the public, so there are a lot of junk information on mobile phones. Now, however, apple IOS 13.3 has added spam inboxes to address this problem. It is understood that the new features can reduce spam messages, and citizens will no longer be harassed by spam messages.

Recently, apple pushed the official version of IOS 13.3 to users. This function is aimed at filtering spam messages of IMessage. For the function of adding junk message inboxes, users can receive less junk messages. However, it is worth noting that the effect of this function 'filtering information' remains to be seen.