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China's Olympic 0-1 Syria coach takes responsibility for team members

Original title: Zhang Yuning's goal failed China Olympic 0-1 Syria

At 19:35 p.m. Beijing time on December 11, Zhuhai, the Olympic team lost 0-1 to Syria u22. After winning the game, all the players in Syria were very happy. Players and coaches hugged to celebrate, and the goalkeeper knelt down. In the dressing room, Syrian players brandish their shirts and sing songs to express their joy.

At the post match press conference, when asked why the celebration was held, the team manager replied: "first of all, we watched the Chinese team's games, including the first win over Tajikistan, and their performance was excellent, so our team members celebrated the victory in this way. Secondly, we celebrate after winning games because the football environment in Syria is very bad, so I told our players that every game should be played as the final of U23 Asian Cup. '

Coincidentally, in the world preliminaries a month ago, the Chinese football team also lost 1-2 to Syria. Saleh, the Syrian captain and former Henan Jianye foreign aid, talked about the issue of the Chinese team in the interview. Saleh said: 'Lippi and Wu Lei are really strong, but the overall level of Chinese players is a little lower than ours. What is more important is that they (the national football team) are too easy to make money, too comfortable, lack of motivation and motivation. On the contrary, we are more eager to win, which is related to our job. '

It can be seen that whether it is the National Olympic team or the adult national team, whether it is a friendly match or a formal game, Syria's attitude towards the game is very serious, they all have the desire to win, which has become a key factor in their winning the game. By contrast, our players are obviously inferior to each other in this respect.