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Wuhan cancels the limit of annual settlement and further relaxes the settlement conditions

Original title: new deal to settle in Wuhan in 2019

Sihai Netcom points settlement is a kind of house purchase and household registration system mainly aimed at foreign personnel. It is impossible to settle in a city for a long time, especially in the first tier cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. At present, this system is implemented in many places in China. Recently, the new policy of settlement in Wuhan in 2019 is coming. This time, Wuhan has cancelled the limit on the number of annual settlement.

It's not easy to buy a house. There is not enough money. Even if you buy a house with a loan, you need to be able to afford the monthly payment. What's more, some people buy houses in big cities in order to move their hukou to big cities, have a local account, settle down and settle here for a long time. Some houses can be settled down. Even if they can settle down, the buyers need to meet the requirements.

According to reports, on December 5, the new deal of settling down in Wuhan in 2019 was officially released. It is worth mentioning that Wuhan will cancel the annual settlement limit, which means that the settlement can be settled as long as it reaches the score line for settlement. According to the provisions of Wuhan new settlement policy, the score line is adjusted to 75 points, that is, when the applicant's settlement score reaches 75 points, they can settle in.

At present, the application for settlement has been opened, and the applicant should submit the application before December 20. Of course, in addition to the above-mentioned major changes, there are also other new changes in the new deal of Wuhan settlement in 2019, including those who have no housing or higher education, can settle down after having lived in Han for three years; optimize the age structure so that more young people can settle down; cancel the three integral indicators, namely, display reward, innovation and entrepreneurship, and public service; and; Increased the new urban settlement indicators, guide people to the new urban areas and so on.