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Top 10 catchwords in 2019 have you used all these words?

Original title: Ten catchwords announced in 2019: Why did 'rain girl have no melon' lost the election?

The editorial department of today announced the top ten buzzwords of 2019, which are mutual learning from civilization, blockchain, hard core, Rongdong, '& times; & times; 10 million items, & times; & times;', lemonade, 996,'I'm too difficult / Southern ','I don't want you to think, I want me to feel', and bullying.

"Wandering the earth" contributes two Catchwords

Five of the top ten catchwords in 2019 come from movies and variety shows. Among them, 'hard core', '& times;'tens of millions of items, & times; & times;' all come from the hit "wandering earth" at the beginning of the year.

"Wandering the earth" is adapted from Liu Cixin's novel of the same name. The story is set in 2075, when the sun is about to be destroyed, and it is no longer suitable for human survival. In the face of the desperate situation, human beings will start the "wandering earth" project, trying to take the earth to escape the solar system and find a new home for mankind. After the film was released, there was a discussion about 'hard core science fiction'.

Hard core, translated from English 'hardcore', originally refers to a strong sense of power and intense rhythm of rap music style. Later, it was extended to refer to the things that are difficult and difficult to appreciate for the core audience. For example, hard core game refers to the game that is very difficult to play.

In recent years, its meaning has been further extended. People often use 'hard core' to describe 'very fierce', 'very tough' and 'very hard', such as' hard core regulations', 'hard core mother', 'hard core player', 'hard core life', etc.

In addition, the film repeatedly appeared in the traffic safety warning words' thousands of roads, safety first. Nonstandard driving, two lines of tears of relatives', also triggered hot discussion on the Internet.

Although this' safety code 'is not rhymed and rhymed, it is even a bit awkward to read, but it is close to reality and can arouse people's safety awareness and resonate in people's hearts. Later, this sentence developed a new sentence format '& times; & times; & times; & times;, such as' health, sleep, skin care, science, blessing, health and so on.

Huang Xiaoming's' Ming School 'unexpectedly made the list

'I don't want you to think, I want me to feel. "This sentence comes from Huang Xiaoming, a guest of the third season of the popular variety show" Chinese restaurant "in the summer of 2019.

In the program, Huang Xiaoming, as a manager, often disregards other people's opinions in the restaurant's cooking and purchasing. Besides this sentence, his "need not discuss" listen to me, I has the final say, and so on, which is also widely circulated online, and is ridiculed by netizens as "Ming Xue".

According to the editorial department of biting words, the popularity of "I don't want you to think, I want me to feel" reflects people's ridicule and banter on self persistence.

However, Huang Xiaoming responded to this in an interview earlier. He said: "it doesn't matter, entertainment. What we do is the entertainment industry. Everyone should feel happy and have a good time." many friends also sent me similar jokes. It's good for everyone to be happy. '

On the hot topic of "young you"

At the end of October this year, the film "young you" was released. The film tells the story of Chen Nian (Zhou Dongyu), a senior high school student, who encountered campus bullying on the eve of the college entrance examination. He asked Xiaobei, a small gangster, for help and mutual protection.

The film is based on a novel by Yoshio kyuno. However, due to the similarity between some parts of the film and many works by Japanese writer keigo Toyono, the film was accused of being "conflicted" after it was released, causing heated discussion.

Yi Zhongtian also wrote comments on his microblog, saying that "unless very few talented people are gifted, few writers can never learn from them. The key lies in clumsy imitation or even direct plagiarism, or creative use of people like themselves.".

As a matter of fact, stemming comes from "Kuai", which refers to the laughing point in artistic works, as well as the plot, fragment and creativity of the story. Fusion stem, that is to integrate other people's wonderful ideas into their own works.

However, in recent years, due to a number of literary and artistic works suspected of 'Plagiarism', there have been several collective discussions on the nature of 'rongzu' on the Internet. However, there is still no consensus on whether to use "reasonable reference" or "illegal plagiarism" and where the "boundary" lies.

The short video is very popular, I'm too Southern to go out of the circle

'I'm too hard,' came from a video of Kwai Tu video website. The video was accompanied by a sad music, with a frown on the anchor, and a hollow look in his eyes. "I am too hard," said the old fellow, "I am very stressed recently."

After the video was released, 'it's too hard for me' to detonate the network immediately. Later, the network also appeared with 'I'm too difficult' as the theme of the expression pack, for fun and fun, use the 'south wind' in mahjong to replace 'difficult'. According to this, some people say "I'm too Southern.". The popularity of 'I'm too difficult / Southern' is the psychological expression of ordinary netizens who want to release their life pressure.

In addition, 'lemonade' is also one of the favorite words used by netizens this year.

'lemonade' literally means' lemon essence '. Citric acid, with jealousy of others when the feeling of sour heart. Therefore, lemonade was originally used on other people to ridicule others. Its meaning is similar to jealousy. Recently, its derogatory color has been weakening. Sometimes it is also used in self mockery to express the admiration for others, appearance or talent, material condition or emotional life.

For example, 'I have lemonade' is equivalent to 'I envy'. Sometimes it's also called 'I'm lemon' or 'I'm sour', which means the same thing. There is also the term "sour and sweet lemon essence", which is used to describe the complex mood of "sour" meaning which is sweet to others' romantic love and can not help but produce envy.

Why are these buzzwords not on the list?

As for the selection of the top ten catchwords in 2019, Huang Anjing, editor in chief of biting words, said that this year could be called the "little year" of catchwords. The selection criteria are reflected in three aspects: reflecting the characteristics of the times, promoting positive energy and guiding Chinese life.

The word 'clock in' was first on the list, but it was not selected because it was too old for this year's features. This is also the case with "flash", "reverse growth", "de dusting".

In addition, we don't know about "pan" and we don't dare to ask "Yu Nu Wu Gua", "Kua Qun", but / I can say "do you know", "love's magic circle", "Ah Wei, I'm dead" and so on, they failed because of the lack of innovation in usage.