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User Jian Dun limits switch to be roasted due to negligence: the God of shield is still in the God o

It was winter, many small partners began to use electric heating and other heating equipment. Although the heating is good, do not put the electronic products on it. For example, this reddit netizen roasted the NS Lite mainframe because he limited it to the electric heater in his beloved "Baoke dream: Sword / shield".

Nuzlefsnipples94, a netizen, recently posted an article in the reddit community about the event that he left the NS Lite host in the electric heater due to baokemeng: Sword / shield and caused the host to be baked and melted, and reminded everyone to turn off the electric switch in time. Although the roasted game machine can still be used normally, the netizen is still very worried about the safety of its use. According to the photos he released, the Cang ring on the left side of the host has' disappeared ', leaving only the zangmarante on the right side (although the status is also not good).