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SONOS speaker swallows voice assistant snips, which can also be operated offline and intelligently

In 2017, the rapid rise of snips focuses on the intelligent voice and intelligent assistant system, which is separated from cloud processing. This system is characterized by high flexibility and openness, but at the same time, it can maintain a certain degree of privacy. Users can set their own wake-up instructions for voice assistant, and third-party developers can also add more language learning (only English and French are supported at the initial stage). For voice instructions without offline processing in the cloud, it can also avoid the controversial privacy issues in recent period.

A number of speaker manufacturers, including SONOS, have attached great importance to Internet privacy recently, which is why in their cooperation with IKEA, they did not design the microphone into the joint lamp. SONOS expressed the hope that in the future, it will continue to focus on music, and at the same time, it will provide a convenient and intelligent product experience without "worries behind it". So SONOS didn't buy snips to compete with Google assistant or Amazon In Alexa's competition, snips will join in the support of SONOS speaker products in parallel, and users can choose whether to use the Internet for intelligent assistant service. Intelligent voice assistant without cloud network processing will probably become another big selling point of intelligent speaker products after privacy issues are exposed.