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Pinduoduo's "double 11" lowered the price of iPhone 11 again by up to 1600 yuan

October 31 news, near the double 11, major e-commerce platforms have launched a number of preferential policies to attract customers. As one of the most concerned products, the price of iPhone 11 has become the focus of attention. Recently, pinduoduo adjusted the price of the new iPhone 11 series again. After the adjustment, the starting prices of the coupons on the platform of iPhone 11, iPhone 11 pro and iPhone 11 promax are 4899 yuan, 7399 yuan and 8099 yuan respectively.

According to the platform's public information, the starting price of the iPhone 1164g is only 4899 yuan, 600 yuan cheaper than the official website's guide price; the starting price of the iPhone 11pro256g is 8699 yuan, 1300 yuan cheaper than the official website's guide price; the starting price of the iPhone 11promax256g is 9299 yuan, 1600 yuan cheaper than the official website's guide price,.

At the same time, for the previous generation models, such as iPhone XRS, iPhone XS, iPhone xsmax, etc., the price after buying the coupons of Duoduo is respectively 4099 yuan, 5499 yuan and 6699 yuan, which are lower than the guidance price of Apple's official website. According to the data, pinduoduo has sold nearly 2 million iPhone products as of the end of September this year, driven by the "10 billion subsidy", making pinduoduo one of the top e-commerce platforms for Apple mobile phone sales.

It is understood that pinduoduo put forward the "10 billion subsidy" strategy in the first half of this year. The platform, together with many brands, provides 10 billion consumer subsidies to consumers. It makes a substantial profit for the 10000 hot products with the highest attention in the whole gateway, ensuring that the price of the covered products is the lowest in the history of the whole channel.

In addition, the relevant person in charge of pinduoduo digital 3C said that during the promotion period, in addition to continuing to increase subsidies for the new iPhone series products, the platform also included a number of popular models of Huawei, Xiaomi, oppo, vivo and other brands into the scope of subsidies, providing a consumption subsidy of 200-500 yuan for each mobile phone to meet the diversified needs of consumers.