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100, 000 netizens denounced and clarified the truth of female passenger's running

Original title: 100000 people on the Internet are scolding her for the truth of "female passenger running the ticket" in Guiyang City, Guizhou Province, a video of a taxi driver being singled out by two female passengers has attracted many people's attention. According to taxi driver Zhou Shifu, I took two female passengers to the destination that day and watched one of them scan the car. 'after a while, I found that my cell phone didn't ring. The passenger next to me said that I would help you to watch and drive. As a result, she said that they didn't pay you at all. '

Recently, Ms. Chen, the passenger in the video, also contacted the reporter and told the story. 'I scanned the code when I got out of the car, and then the page stayed in the payment interface. I got out of the car and waited for a long time. As a result, a woman got on the bus. When I found that the payment was not successful, the taxi had already left. '

Xiao Chen, a passenger, said he couldn't get in touch with master Zhou because he didn't remember the taxi license plate number and related information at that time. 'I saw it later on the tremolo. Now many people scold me. This is a misunderstanding. Now more than 100000 people are scolding me. I dare not go to work now. Many friends know that. '

Xiao Chen told reporters that due to the misunderstanding caused by this incident, her life had been disturbed, so she wanted to supplement master Zhou with the unpaid fare. Later, the reporter and Xiao Chen came to master Zhou's taxi company, and Xiao Chen also supplied master Zhou with the fare.

In this regard, Chen also reminded passengers to pay for the car and leave after success, so as to avoid unnecessary misunderstanding.