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100 million pixel mobile phone has mass produced millet cc9pro into high-end machine

Original title: mass production of 100 million pixel mobile phone! See you on November 5, Xiaomi cc9 Pro at 10:00 a.m. on October 28, Xiaomi's official microblog announced that it would release a new 100 million pixel mobile phone cc9 Pro next week, which would be Xiaomi's first 100 million pixel mobile phone in mass production.

@Xiaomi mobile phone official micro said: 'Xiaomi cc9 pro, 100 million pixel mobile phone photo is coming! Explore unprecedented mobile phone image, surpass the amazing image quality of imagination, and create the most powerful image system in Xiaomi history. '

At the same time, the official and wechat announced that Xiaomi's wearable equipment also ushered in a new partner, Xiaomi watch. The two products, as well as the new millet TV 5, will be released at 2 p.m. on November 5.

The first 100 megapixel mobile phone in mass production

In fact, today's notice is not sudden. On October 27 the day before, Xiaomi mobile phone official wechat released the poster "don't lie in bed tomorrow". The notice will announce new news early this year. From the key words at that time, Xiaomi mobile phone official micro has hinted that Xiaomi carries a new 100 million pixel camera, and belongs to Xiaomi CC series.

In fact, since Xiaomi got the exclusive right of 108 million pixels CMOS from Samsung in August this year, the relevant products of 100 million pixels of Xiaomi have been expected.

After Xiaomi's future video media communication meeting in August, Lei Jun popularized a brief history of the resolution of mobile camera on Weibo: in 1999, the first mobile phone with a camera was only 100000 pixels, Casio was the first one to break through 1 million pixels, and the first one to break through 10 million pixels was Sony Ericsson.

Lei Jun said that the first one to break through 100 million pixels is Xiaomi mobile phone, and 100 million pixels is a major milestone in the development of mobile camera.

It is reported that the resolution of this 100 million pixel sensor is up to 12032 * 9024, and the pixel is up to 108576768, which is the highest number of pixels so far.

Later, at Xiaomi's annual new product launch on September 24, Xiaomi released the surround screen mobile phone mix alpha. Samsung and Xiaomi developed a 100 million pixel sensor, the isocell bright HMX, which is the first large-scale mobile image sensor with a 1 / 1.33 inch sensitive area. It can absorb more light than other small sensors in low light conditions, and at the same time, it can use the Tetracell, a four in one pixel merging technology, enables brighter 27 megapixel photos.

However, as a concept mobile phone in the era of Xiaomi 5g, mix alpha will not be released until December, nor will it be mass produced. Therefore, the real mass-produced and first 100 million pixel model is the cc9 Pro Xiaomi announced today.

Cc9 Pro is the mysterious' cuckoo '?

Earlier, XDA, a foreign website, disclosed that Xiaomi was developing four new machines with 100 million pixel cameras, with internal codes of 'Tucana', 'Draco', 'UMI' and 'CMI'. Now, with the official release of the legendary millet cc9 Pro approaching, the famous running score website geekbench also shows the running score of the new millet machine named 'Tucana' for the first time. Tucana, also known as cuckoo, continues Xiaomi's tradition of naming new development codes by constellation.

The machine is equipped with Android 9 pie system, 6GB memory and 1.80hz high pass 8-core processor. Although it is not clear about the specific model, under geekbench 5.03, whether the single core of 545 or the multi-core of 1690 is in the same position as the red rice K20 with Xiaolong 730 processor. In addition, it also has the same 1.80hz small core main frequency speed, so it should be It is equipped with a snapdragon 730 processor.

This means that the Xiaomi new machine, code named 'Tucana', is a mid-range positioning product even though it is equipped with a 100 million pixel camera. It is not only equipped with the same Xiaolong 730 processor as the Hongmi K20, but also the start of 6GB memory. Some analysts believe that this mobile phone is the new millet machine cc9 pro.

At that time, it was reported that the new machine will be equipped with the isocell bright HMX sensor, with a sensor area of 1 / 1.33 inch, and adopt the tetracell technology of pixel merging to capture bright 27 million pixel photos in low light, and support 6K resolution video recording.

In addition, according to the information disclosed by the netizens, the millet new machine will also adopt the post five shot design. In addition to the main shot of 100 million pixels, it is also equipped with ultra wide, long focal length, micro range and a professional portrait lens, but without the periscope design, it is possible to support 50 times the digital zoom function.

On October 5, there was a millet new machine with the model of m1910f4g, which has passed the radio transmission model approval and 3C certification successively. The machine confirmed that it supports the whole network communication and 30W fast charging technology. It is pointed out that m1910f4g is Xiaomi's new cc9 pro, and the national version is m1910f4e. However, the overseas version of m1910f4g was confirmed as millet note 10 due to the exposure of authentication information in Thailand.

Xiaomi's way of high-end attack

As we all know, Millet's birth is accompanied by the rise of the "cost-effective" positioning, but after years of development, this must have become Millet's shackles. Therefore, at the beginning of this year, Xiaomi independent the previous red rice series products into redm to inherit the 'cost-effective' feature that Xiaomi has always undertaken, and at the same time, it also developed other intelligent hardware such as notebook computers and washing machines to expand its product matrix. Xiaomi brand turns to explore more high-end products.

The previously released 100 million pixel concept machine Xiaomi mix alpha is Xiaomi's first attempt to impact the super high-end market. According to Xiaomi's introduction, mix alpha has used the two-year cycle of Xiaomi's project team of nearly one thousand people to invest 500 million yuan.

Xiaomi once said that the biggest difficulty in the research and development of mix alpha is the surround screen. For this reason, Xiaomi has developed a variety of new technologies and processes, including 2.15mm up and down extremely narrow frame, side dual display drive, surround shape layered fit, embedded assembly technology, screen sound technology, ultrasonic distance sensing, bilateral pressure sensing screen, side linear motor, sensor + AI algorithm anti touch, flexible screen under Fingerprints and so on.

And the 100 million pixel camera reflects Xiaomi's vision for future products. Xiaomi official once said that such a huge sensor as the isocell bright HMX has brought unprecedented challenges to the structure of mobile phones. Nearly a thousand people have been involved in the research and development, involving the vast engineering of sensors, lenses, motors, optical systems and other industries.

Now, with Xiaomi's transplanting this sensor to Xiaomi's cc9 pro, 100 million pixel mobile phones are finally going to mass production. This may mean that redmi brand has liberated Xiaomi from the shackles of "cost performance", and Xiaomi has more imagination space in the higher product line and other new products.