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New rendering leakage of Samsung Galaxy S11: arc screen + vibration sound

Rendering of Samsung Galaxy S11 (image: ice universe)

In the past week, many sources have claimed that Samsung Galaxy S11 will be very similar to Galaxy note10. Because of this, the rendering of Samsung Galaxy S11 requires the design of "digging holes" in the middle of the screen and almost no frame, which indicates that the screen will continue to use the curved screen with great radian. Rendering of Samsung Galaxy S11 (image: ice universe)

Although both the galaxy S10 + and the galaxy S105G are equipped with dual front facing cameras, the front facing camera of the Samsung Galaxy S11 seems to be more unique. At present, we can't see the earphone's hole, so it may be embedded in the screen, that is, "screen vibration and sound", as well as the fingerprint reader under the screen.

According to the renderings of three versions of mobile phones released by Ben geskin, the Samsung Galaxy s11e screen is 6.4 inches, the galaxy S11 screen is 6.7 inches, and the galaxy S11 + screen is 6.9 inches.

We will continue to pay attention to more detailed parameters of Samsung Galaxy S11 series new phones. If you have different views on the new phones, please leave a message below for interaction.