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Pinduoduo: Bargaining won't be stolen. The rumor maker has been detained

On November 12, it was recently reported that there was a risk of account theft and swiping when participating in pinduoduo bargaining. In response, pinduoduo Weibo official rumor platform @ Duoduo rumor said that a large number of alleged stolen brushes are not true, and the rumor maker has been detained or sentenced to compensation.

Techweb searches with the keyword "spell more and steal more", and there are a lot of relevant reports in the search results.

Duoduo refutes rumors that pinduo is always committed to safeguarding information security through security protection technology, only sending red packets, not stealing numbers. A large number of cases have been studied, none of which are true. More than ten rumor mongers have sent letters of apology. Another rumor has been detained by the public security, and one rumor has been sentenced by the court to compensate 10000 yuan for the loss of goodwill. The cash red bag is absolutely safe. Please feel free to receive it.

The annual double 11 Shopping Festival just ended. Today, pinduoduo released an open letter saying that the day ended on November 11, and our "10 billion subsidy" promotion did not end. Xiaobian also reminds us that when we receive the preferential red envelopes and buy them by hand, we should also pay attention to protecting the safety of personal funds and guard against being cheated.