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Samsung announced that it will bring some features of note10 series to S10 series

According to the report, Samsung today launched software updates for the galaxy s10e, S10, S10 + and S105G, which include many new features only found in the Samsung note 10 series, as well as new intelligent multimedia and Wi Fi functions, which can simplify the connection.

These new features include:

The Samsung Gallery app now allows users to quickly find photos by using keywords; in addition, thanks to improved device search capabilities, users can get content recommendations from multimedia streaming applications, making it easier to find new songs, movies or TV shows. The media and devices option is added in the quick panel. You can easily control cross platform multimedia devices with Galaxy S10 alone. The update also adds a new function auto hotspot, which allows users to turn their mobile phone into a Wi Fi transmitter. This function allows Galaxy S10 users to automatically establish a connection with other Samsung devices when using the same Samsung account or home account.

In addition, users of Samsung S10 series can add some interesting drawings to the video without needing s pen through ar doodle function. It should be noted that Samsung said that the launch time of the new function update varies by region and operator, and the specific launch date is not known.